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Antonio de Luna ~ Estate Deeds 1786 con't

Deeds to property and titles to show ownership:

I, Fray Cayetano José Bernal, of this mission of San Augustin de Ysleta, state that I received from doña Pino the offering for masses for the sole of her deceased husband and those that I remember are: 30 in cattle and three novenas paid for the with sheep, without others singly which I cannot remember, for which reason I did not enumerate them. Signed June 17 1784, Fray Cayetano Jose Ygnacio Bernal (rubric)

I have said 10 masses for the intention of doña Pino, the alms for which have been paid and I signed on July 3, 1784.  Fray Joseph Carral (rubric)

I have received the alms for three masses said for the soul of Antonio Luna.  Fray Manuel Roxo (rubric)

I, Juan Miguel Alvares del Castillo, a resident of this kingdom, appear before your Excellency in the best form and state that doña Barbara Vaca, my lawful and first wife, having died, there were left to me three legitimate children, among whom was divided the property which belonged to their mother, in conformity with the schedules of division and partition made by the judge from the inventories. And notwithstanding that my said wife and her testament appointed me as first executor and keeper of the property, I was deprived of the right that I had for three reasons and is the father to keep said property in my possession. The same was delivered to my father-in-law, don Bernabe Vaca, in his possession date remained for some time, and some losses were observed, the governor don Francisco Antonia Marin del Valle, placed the order that the same should be returned to my possession for it was remained up to the present time with the exception of two schedules which I have given to two of my daughters.  And because I have contracted marriage at El Paso del Rio del Norte, which is not a suitable place to keep up the property of the other two children who are with me; and in consideration that part of said property consists of one ranch and there is nobody to rent it, for which reason it does not produce anything and as I’m obliged as a father and keeper of the property to increase and secure the same, I ask and request your Excellency for the sake of justice to allow me to sell said ranch and other property, converting all of it into sheep, so that by giving it out on shares with proper security it may produce revenue annually for the support and other needs of myself and my children. I swear this is not been in bad faith and whatever is left necessary.  Juan Miguel Albares del Castillo (rubric)

Santa Fe April 17, 1762 having seen the petition of this party, and in consideration of the convenience and benefit to his legitimate minor children and the circumstances of this man, the is granted the permission the asked them the terms he sets forth, with the corresponding securities, the that the property in the state of the minors legitimate inheritance from their mother may not suffer loss. I so decreed and certify.  Thomas Veles Cachupin (rubric)

I, Diego Antonia Sanchez, resident of this place of Fonclara, state that I received from my father-in-law, don Juan Alvares del Castillo, the sum of 400 pesos, the same which were given for the property right to the lands which fell to my wife share of her legitimate inheritance, which land was sold in Royal sale by my said father-in-law, included in the estate which fell to the share of the minors, my little brothers in law. And because it is true, it was signed it my request by Ysidro Sanchez and done on the 16th day of June of the year 1762.

At this place of San Clemente, at the jurisdiction of Albuquerque, before me, José Vaca, Alcalde Mayor, appeared Bonifacio Jollanga, a resident of the said place placed who I certify is known to me. He said that he would and in fact did give, to wit: one piece of land which contains 180 varas in length, belonging to him through his deceased wife, Barbara de la Candelaria; and that the part of said Bonifacio, 90 varas which were obtained and acquired by poaching 15 varas from each one of his children from the legitimate estate to which they are entitled as heirs of their deceased mother, who at the time she married said Bonifacio, brought half of the said tract of San Clemente at the dowry, the total number of varas which he places on Royal sale being 50, I mean 70.  The boundaries thereof are: on the South, lands of Capt. Bernabe Baca; on the West the common lands of the entire said place; on the North, lands of the orphan heirs; on the East, the Rio del Norte.  As evidence from the original documents their conveyed in sale by said Bonifacio to Domingo they Luna for the price and some of 80 pesos which said Bonifacio acknowledges having received. Jose Baca, Jose Gallego, Ysidro Sanchez (rubrics)

At this Pueblo of San Augustin de Ysleta, on 20 July, 1748, before me José Vaca, Alcalde Mayor of this jurisdiction of Albuquerque, appeared Antonio Gallegos, alias el collate, whom I certify is known to me and stated that he would and in fact did give in Royal sale a piece of agricultural land which he obtained according to law or through the legitimate ownership of his wife and she is giving and did give him full consent to sell it which he sold to Domingo Luna who is now resident of this jurisdiction and from said land is except to the one piece which will hold one almud of sewing seed and one house lot with the understanding that he can never sell said land unless the said purchaser agrees for the price of 10 pesos in the boundaries thereof to the East, the Rio del Norte, the south, land of the purchaser; west the Rio Puerco; and on the north, the lands of Phelipa, his sister-in-law, designating a large cottonwood tree which has a holy cross painted in the middle as a landmark.  There is another piece that the said Antonio Gallegos sells to Domingo de Luna for the price and sum of 30 pesos, which he acknowledges having received.  Signed:  Jose Baca, Ysidro Sanchez, and Manuel Carillo. 

Before me, José Vaca, Alcalde Mayor, appeared Bonifacio Joyanga, a resident of said jurisdiction, who I certify is known to me. He stated that he would and did give in Royal sale a piece of cultivated land belonging to four of his children, land which they inherited from their mother, Barbara de la  Candelaria, now deceased, which heirs are Royal grantors: Feliciana, Juan Ysidro, Jazinta and Jose Joyanga, with who is free will a contract was entered into. Having sold to Domingo Luna for the price and sum of 160 pesos, to be divided into equal parts among the said four heirs.  Jose Baca, Ysidro Sanchez, Manuel Baca (rubrics)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #462, Reel #3, Frames 387-430.
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