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Antonio de Luna ~ Estate 1786

May 27th 1784 at the villa of Albuquerque the estate of Antonio de Luna.  

Considering that I am assured that Antonio de Luna, a resident of the jurisdiction of Albuquerque, died intestate at the hands of the enemy Apaches on the ninth day of June the year 1779, and that the corresponding inventory in valuation of his estate which, because he has left minor children at an age necessary in order to ensure for them the legitimate inheritance which may belong to them according to law. Since his former wife, doña Catarina Pino, about a year and a half ago contracted the second marriage with the military man, wherefore she had changed residence, as I have been informed, with the result that the aforesaid estate is sustained considerable diminution prior to said valuation, so much that it is at the point of being totally lost, demanding something more than prompt action so that at least the total loss thereof shall not take place, I therefore order the present Alcalde Mayor of the aforesaid jurisdiction, don Manuel de Arteaga, immediately upon receipt of this decree to notify the aforesaid doña Catarina to go to her former old resident so that in compliance therewith she may, under the formality of the sworn statement, visit the property which belongs to and does belong to her deceased husband. The Alcalde shall proceed to make an inventory and judicial informal appraisement, both of the real estate and of the personal property, discriminating as much as possible between what there was at the time of his death in what is now in existence.

This function should be carried out from the beginning of the first of to the conclusion of the last act therein, and  a Guardian shall be appointed by the said Alcalde for the said minors to the end that after having accepted the same for having sworn to comply with the discharge of his duty which will be set forth in the corresponding decree, they may witnessed the inventory in valuation provided, so that by virtue thereof they may state whether or not they are satisfied with both, as well is how many just claim they may have to make which will be admitted without limitation. They shall arrange that the appointment of a guardian shall be made from the nearest blood relations on the paternal side, who are people of education, conscience and knowledge for all the particulars and the interest which may be favorable and helpful to the minors. I, Calvary Col. of the Royal Army that his Majesty, don Juan Bautista that on the, political and military Gov. of this province of New Mexico order and find before the undersigned witnesses with whom I act two and to which I certify.

Juan Bautista de Anza (rubric), Francisco Perez Serrano (rubric), Vizente Troncoso (rubric).

On the 15th day of the month of June 1784, I, said Alcalde Mayor and Capt. of the Villa of Albuquerque, caused don Miguel Lucero, a resident citizen of the Plaza the most will not, whom I certify that I know, personally to appear before me. I notified him of the above disposition made by me with regard to his appointment as Guardian of the minor children of the deceased Antonio de Luna, which appointment he said he would accept and did it. And for its greater stability because he did not know how to sign he requested don Antonio Villegas Ruiz to sign and I certify with my witness.

Manuel de Arteaga (rubric), at the request of Miguel Lucero; Juan Francisco Baca and Miguel Gabaldon (rubrics).

On the 15th day of the month of June 1784, I, the Alcalde Mayor of the Villa of Albuquerque, together with don Miguel Lucero preceded to the house of the deceased don Antonio de Luna, in which doña Catarina Pino, former wife of the said deceased Antonia de Luna, it’s living for the time being.  From this marriage the said doña Maria Catarina Pino, declares they had and procreated four children who are José Enrique, Maria Josefa, Antonio Encarnacion, and José Bruno. 

At her request signed by Jose Francisco Pino, Manuel de Arteaga, Juan Francisco Baca and Miguel Gabaldon.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #462, Reel #3, Frames 387-430.
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