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Antonio de Luna ~ Estate 1786 con't

On the said day, month and year, I, the Alcalde Mayor being at the present home of doña Maria Catarina Pino, former wife of the deceased, for the purpose of making this inventory, should and did order that the said doña show the property, real and personal, which was in existence at the time of the death of her deceased husband, and what there is now; with which she complied in they are in the following form.

First one tract of land in the said place of Los Lunas, the boundaries which are on the North lands of Los Lentes, on the South lands of Bernardo Padilla, on the East the Rio del Norte, on the West the Rio Puerco. I asked the said doña for the documents thereof she told me that the same are not in her possession and that she had never seen them.

She declares that the said tract, according to the testament of her deceased father-in-law, don Domingo Luna, belongs only to two heirs, who are her deceased husband in the deceased  Vicente de Luna and that from said tract 200 varas which the said to heirs sold to Juaquin Castillo should be left out.

She declares that she has 13 cornfields, small and the large one, in the said tract of land, of which, when her deceased husband died, only three were broken, and 10 have been broken in her time, which cornfield or irrigated by the acequia which the said two heirs dug, there is also another piece for a garden.

She declares that the time of her husband’s death he had only three rooms of the adobe house which had been divided between the said two heirs upon the death of her father-in-law and that at the present time she has added to the said rooms - two more and that one lacks only the roof and that half of the porch belonging to her former room.

She declares that after the death of her husband she bought in the same town to small houses, one containing two rooms and the other one a house and lot.

She declares this property that remained in existence at the time of the death of her husband, five pictures of three hand widths painted in all colors with their frame and one infant Jesus and sculpture of three fingers wide; one hoe of medium weight; one plow with equal equipment; one medium-sized kettle and one iron griddle, both very old; one mortar; one spit; two benches; one pair of trousers of Scarlet cloth and one jacket of black Cholula cloth; one old cloak of Queretaro cloth; one pair of useless blunderbusses, one branding iron; one horse and one mule; one cart; four oxen; two cows with calves; four bulls; two years old, eight calves of one-year-old.

She declares that of the sheep there were 600 breeding ewes and 412 lambs born in that year.

On said day month and year, as no other property was shown to have been left at the time of the death of the aforesaid Antonia de Luna except what is mentioned above, I proceeded to examine was in existence at the present time. I certify,  Manuel de Arteaga (rubric).

On 16 June 1784, I the Alcalde, being in the dwelling house of doña Pino, widow of Antonia de Luna, for the purpose of following this inventory, should and did order her to show the property real and personal which is in existence as follows.

One tract of land in the form stated above. 800 varas of cultivated land in the 13 cornfields mentioned above, irrigated by the acequia madre.  One house with four rooms and another one without a roof, with four single doors and one double door, two with two locks, and three without. Also three adobe rooms in the town. Five pictures of three handbreadths painted in oil colors, with their frames. One Infant Jesus, three fingers wide with this little niche in glass case. One old copper kettle. One mortar and one iron spit. Two spits, I mean two benches. One pair of blunderbuss’s out of order. One branding iron. The oxen. Two cows with calves and three without, and three calves’ one-year-old. 305 head of breeding sheep. 199 lambs of this year. One house in the Villa of Santa Fe, which consists of six rooms and two porches which cost 300 pesos; 210 pesos have been paid in the balance of 90 pesos remain. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #462, Reel #3, Frames 387-430.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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