Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Antonio de Luna ~ 1786 Estate con't

I appointed as appraisers Captain don Juan Francisco Baca and don Miguel Gabaldon, who have accompanied me as assistants, and they swore to carry out the appraisal, Manuel de Arteaga, Juan Francisco Baca and Miguel Gabaldon.

The prices set by the appraisers are as follows:

One tract of land which belongs to the minors of the deceased Antonio de Luna was appraised at 1000 pesos in currency of the country; this means the uncultivated land. The 800 varas of cultivated land were appraised at 800 pesos, both of which are worth 1800.

The house with four rooms consists of 31 varas and was appraised at 260 pesos.

Another room, not finished, appraised at five pesos.

The three rooms consisting of 24 varas, the building inferior to the former, appraised at 50 pesos.

Five pictures with their frames appraised at six pesos amount 30 pesos.

One infant Jesus appraised at 10 pesos.

The kettle, eight pesos.

The iron griddle, six pesos.

The mortar, six pesos.

The spit, two pesos.

The two benches, appraised at 10 pesos for both.

The blunderbusses, appraised at five and the other at 12 pesos total 17 pesos.

The branding iron at 12 pesos.

The six oxen at 25 pesos amount to 150 pesos. 

Five breeding cows appraised at 20 pesos and three yearling calves, appraised at six pesos, and the two of this year at five pesos; all amount 128 pesos.

305 head of breeding sheep, 610 pesos.

199 lambs at one peso each, 199 pesos.

The house which is in the villa was appraised by the appraisers at what it costs, which is 300 pesos.

And it is finished, the total amount to 3,607 pesos barring errors. Signed and certified.  Manuel de Arteaga, Juan Francisco Baca and Miguel Gabaldon (rubrics)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #462, Reel #3, Frames 387-430.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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