Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Luis Lopez ~ 1728 Will

I, Luis Lopez, resident of la Cañada, legitimate son of Nicolas Lopez and Anna Lujan, already deceased, born in the kingdom of New Mexico find myself sick in bed of an illness and hereby make my last will and testament in the following form manner.

I declare to have been married according to the rights of our holy church to Maria de la Concencion (Bernal Griego) for the time of 30 years and during our marriage we had one daughter called Antonia Lopez de la Concencion.

I declare as my property the following: a house I have in Chimayo, containing a hall, bedroom and kitchen with its portal and a walled orchard, containing fruit trees and a portion of cultivated and uncultivated land holding about two fanegas of planting corn, a little more for less, with the advice that the portion of land I loaned Francisco Torres is not sold, only a portion I sold to Bernadino de Sena of which said land I have not made him a document; and if God designs to take me to himself I charge my wife to make the document for the said Bernardino de Sena.

I declare that I raised a child called, Maria de la Encarnacion, to whom I leave a piece of land for a cornfield, with the consent and pleasure of my said daughter, Antonia Lopez and my said wife, with house lot and orchard.

I declare that I have 136 head of small cattle.

I declare to have a saddle, and harquebus, bridle, spurs, saddlebags, and a shield.

I declare to three horses in la tierra afuera and it is my will their equivalents be paid in masses for the blessed souls in purgatory.

I declare Juan Garcia, a resident of Rio Abajo, owes me 10 horses, those being six fillies and four mares broken for trading purposes.

I declare not to owe anything to any person whatsoever; and it is my will to give my grandchild Juan Mascareñas all my fire arms, mentioned above, that he may enjoy them.

It is my will to leave as administrators, and the first place the said don Bernardino de Sena and in the second place my said wife as holder of my property.

And for its greater enforcement and validity I requested Capt. don Diego Arias de Quiros, Alcalde  Mayor and Capt. of the war of the Villa of Santa Fe, to interpose his authority and judicial decree. Said grantor did not sign, not knowing how, I, said Alcalde Mayor and Capt. of War, signed, acting as receiver with the undersigned witnesses who assisted me for the lack of a public or Royal notary. On this 27th day of October 1728. Before me Diego Arias de Quiros (rubric), witnesses: Juan Manuel Chirinos (rubric), Juan José Lobato (rubric).

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series, I, Reel 3, Frames 288-291, Twitchell #442
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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