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Maria de la Luz Gallegos ~ Will 1830

I, Maria de la Luz Gallegos, widow of the deceased Ignacio Madrid, am seriously ill and make my testament.

I declare that I married Ygnacio Madrid for 12 years from which marriage we had two sons who are:  Jose Tomas and Jose Antonio, whom I recognize as my legitimate heirs.

I declare that when I married, I did not bring any property to the matrimony.

I declare as my property, two shawls, one of black bombazine and the other blue cotton and in good condition; three skirts one of scarlet and the other of striped cotton and the other of black calico all in good condition.

I declare owning one piece of calico consisting of six varas.

I declare two used skirts and two used shirts.

I declare that I loaned one used silk handkerchief to Juan Bustamante, the soldier; I order it collected.

I declare as my property my bed with one mattress, on new thick woven blanket and one new sheet of unbleached muslin.

I declare my own four pictures of saints.

I declare that my sister, Manuela, owes me one peso, and doña Manuela Baca one peso; I order them collected.

I declare that I do not owe anyone anything, but if anyone should claim anything and prove the claim, I order it be paid.

I declare as my property one piece of land at Las Enlames, as shown in the deed which is in possession of don Mauricio Antonio de Arze, which is the will of by brother Jose Manuel Gallegos.

I appoint as my executors, don Vicente Baca and don Francisco Baca y Ortiz, who after paying for my funeral, shall divide among my sons in equal parts what little may be left.

Done on the 18th of May 1830.  Signed Jose Ygnacio Ortiz (rubric)
Wit/ Juan Garcia and J. M. Alarid

Executed in the city of Santa Fe on the 13th of May 1830.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 394, Reel 3, Frames 11-15
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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