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Manuel Gallegos ~ Estate 1763

On Oct 22 1764, That based on the above petition, that there be transferred to Mateo Marquez as husband of Maria de la Luz Gallegos, legitimate daughter of Manuel Gallegos, deceased so that for himself and minors, brothers and sisters of his wife, the sum of 600 pesos that she brought with her when married; this to be excluded within 40 days from this date. Signed Nicolas Ortiz

I, Mateo Marquez, state that I am satisfied and so are the minors and it is still true as to what Juana Maria  says of property that she brought to her marriage to Manuel Gallegos.  Signed Mateo Marquez.

On the 25th of said month and year, in Santa Fe, the prices were set for the properties that were inventoried. [noted above]  The total in assets was 1,075.50 pesos decreased by the debts of 34 pesos.

A total of 40 pesos must be paid to the Vicar and the funeral expenses.  The funeral costs were a novena of masses, plus the widow must be paid in the amount of 508 pesos in property at the current prices.

There appearing doubt by Mateo Marquez for himself and the said minors, represents that the deceased Manuel Gallegos, brought property of trade the time of his marriage and which if any should be for their benefit and inquired from persons and found that the deceased Manuel Gallegos at the time of his marriage had one horse, saddle, bridle, gun and spurs and saddle paddings.

Inventory of valuation:  1075.50
Deducting for payments of debts: 40 pesos
To the Vicar: 16 pesos
Novenas: 139 pesos
A shroud: 30 pesos
Bequests: 2.50 pesos
Dowry to the widow: 508 pesos
Settling of the estate: 132 pesos
Balance of 208 pesos

From this balance 104 pesos shall be paid to the widow and to the minors of the property a balance of 236 pesos to be equally divided to the nine legitimate heirs of the deceased Manuel Gallegos and Juana Maria Baca.  Each to receive 26 pesos and four reales and nine grains – said amount is in the possession of the widow as Guardian of the property of the minors.

The portion that is to be given to Maria de la Luz (being married) is to be paid her.

Signed on November 25 1764, by Nicolas Ortiz, Pedro Tafoya and Jose Miguel Garduño.

October 1764, by Fray Andres Garcia received from Juana Tafoya, the costs of the burial of her brother Captain and Alcalde Mayor Manuel Gallegos, 139 pesos in legal currency for payment of the funeral and mass with body present, vigil and novena of Masses.  Signed Fray Andres Garcia.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #363, Reel 2, Frames 998-1009
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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