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Rosa Martin land sold to Salvador Espinosa ~ 1736 Santa Cruz

In the villa of Santa Cruz on the 9th day of May 1736, presenting herself before me the Captain Juan Estevan Garcia de Noriega, Alcalde Mayor of the said jurisdiction, was Maria Rosa Martin, citizen of the town of Chimayo, widow of Nicolas Lopez.  She was giving and did give in Royal sale a deed to Salvador de Espinosa, one piece of land which she has in said town, possess as an inheritance from the lands which Captain, Luis Martin, her father, had as a grant, in which approximately an almud of corn more or less could be planted. 

The boundaries are to the north, the public road which goes to Picuris; east the lands of Cristoval Martin (cited for the cognizance of this sale, because he was ill and sent Diego Martin, his son; east he acknowledged; west 109 ½ varas and bound by Luisa Ruiz widow of Manuel de Vargas, who was for the acknowledgment of this boundary and she said it was in its place and without damage to her part; on the south the river which flows down to the la Cañada and said piece of ground Maria Rosa Martin gives to said Salvador de Espinosa for the price of 60 pesos.

Witnesses:  Miguel de Quintana, Juan Jose Sandoval
Instrumental Witnesses:  Diego Martin, Antonio Martin and Antonio Montoya, all citizens of this jurisdiction.

Juan Estevan Garcia de Noriega (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #260, Reel 2, Frame 426-429
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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