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Josefa Armijo and Dimas Giron sell land ~ 1776 Santa Fe

In this villa of Santa Fe, on 22 of August 1779, there appeared a soldier, Roque Lobato, representing the person of his legitimate wife, Josefa Armijo and Jose de Dimas, the two together, each one for himself.  They said that they granted at royal sale by way of inheritance, to don Carlos Fernandez, also resident of said villa – an old house containing four rooms and a piece of farming land with two apricot trees, the boundaries are north the camino real, which goes by the parish church, south, the Rio Chiquito (today Water Street), west the house and orchard of doña Ana Maria Ortiz and east the land of Dimas Giron, to the ditch that comes from the dam and from the same to the south by lands of the buyer.  Sold for the price of 150 pesos in currency and a shroud, and the said hour and land, they received which was given to all by Maria Dominguez, who by a deed of royal sale, they deliver to the buyer.

Felipe Tafoya, friend of the grantors
Jose Miguel Tafoya
Antonio Jose Tafoya

?How are Josefa Armijo and Jose Dimas related?  Is it via Tomas Dimas Giron and Antonia Dominguez.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #278, Reel 2, Frames 483-484
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