Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Galisteo, NM Burials ~ 1827

Buried Jan 27 1827, Ana Maria Sanches, adult, she died suddenly, from Anton Chico.

Buried Jan 26 1827, Josef Sotero s/ Culas Tapia and Ma Lauriana Ruibalid, from San Jose.

Buried Jan 31 1827, Rafael Lucero, he died at the hands of the infidels, and he left widowed Ma Encarnacion Zalas, Cuesta.

Buried Feb 3 1827, Luis Maria, s/ Jose Ma Padilla and Franca Lopez, from San Miguel.

Buried, Feb 10 1827, Jose Mariano Aragon, adult, from Cuesta.

Buried Feb 20 1827, Getrudis Ortis, left a widower Jose Ygnacio Martin, from Anton Chico.

Buried March 5 1827, Jose Ramon, parbulo, s/ Pablo Apodaca and Josefa Baca, from Puertecito.

Buried March 6 1827, Jose Maria, parbulo, s/ Franco Olgin and Lorenza Gonzales, from Cuesta.

Buried March 12 1827, Maria Dolores, parvula, d/ Dn Christoval Baca and Ma Juliana Sandoval, from Puertecito.

Buried March 29 1827, Ma Antonia Gonzales, from Cuesta.

Buried March 30 1827, Ma Margarita Naranjo, left widowed Juan Pedro Prada, from Anton Chico.

Buried April 27 1827, twins named Ma Dolores d’s/ Juan Jose Chama and Juana Getrudis Arias, from San Miguel.

Buried, April 28 1827, Ma Luisa d/ Diego Olgin and Ma Franca Martin, from San Jose.

Buried June 27 1827, Jose Nasario Encinias, single, from Santa Fe.

Buried June 25 1827, Ma Balvaneda, parbula, d/ Francisco Apodaca and Maria de Jesus Mares, from San Jose.

Reference:  Archdiocese of NM, Santa Fe, NM, Film #16775, Galisteo Burials 
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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