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Francisco Romero ~ Will 1765 alias "Talache Coyote"

I, Francisco Romero, state that at the end of my days, or after my death, I leave a house and rancho containing 1,300 varas of land, at the locality called Rio de las Trampas.

Declare having about 500-600 more or less of cattle, young and old.  No correct count of them had been made.

Declare having 15 head of mares and colts, and 14 head of saddle horses.
Declare having 3 she mules and 1 he mule.

Declare having about 30 swine. 8 hoes. 8 wooden plow points. 12 sickles. 3 plow points. 12 rifles. 1 blunderbuss. 1 side saddle and 3 lances. 2 swords. 1 leather jacket. 1 saddle with large stirrups. 1 old saddle. 1 jacket, pants, Castilian Cloth with gold trimmings. Another velvet jacket and coat. 1 pair of shag red pants. 1 cloak, flesh color.  Two old jackets. Spurs and bridle. 1 sickle. 1 large axe. 2 chisels. Copper pot. Five yoke of oxen. Five Indian women, with their 8 half-breeds. 3 axes. 1 cart.

Being about to account to God, declare and state that when I married my second wife, that she, Monica, did not bring into said marriage more than 50 cattle. 

Declare and state that it is my will, that after deducting all my funeral and mass expenses, that to each of my half-breeds be given 1 calf and to each one of my Indian servants one cow.

I also declare that I have as administrators and executors of my will, in the first place my wife, and in the second place my “compadre” Juan Ricardo Martin.

I declare that I have given my children the following property: 
To my son, Joseph 40 head of cattle, and one large buttress.
To my son, Julian, 40 head of cattle, the saddle and buttress and one spade.
To my daughter, Josepha, 40 head of cattle.
To my daughter, Maria Antonia, 40 head of cattle and one saddle.
Declare and state that I am not indebted to nobody.  The following are indebted to me:  don Manuel Paraje, one pattern of serge; Gregorio Lopez, 3 varas of linen of 2 spools of silk thread; Joseph Fresquez, 2 bulls; Corporal Jaramillo, 4 “patos” (ducks); my compadre don Francisco Guerra, one cow; Juan A. Lujan, one bridle; Domingo “el genisaro” of Bernalillo, 1 sheet; the Rev Minister, 2 calves.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #781, Frames 1175-1201.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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