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Catalina Duran ~ Estate 1752

May 23, 1752, resident of Santa Fe; proceedings in the inventory of her estate.

In the villa of Santa Fe, on May 23, 1752, don Joseph de Bustamante Tagle, Alcalde Mayor and Captain of War of said villa, was notified that Catalina Duran had died and she being the widow of Ensign Bartolome Garduño; she died intestate and left four heirs.  I went to the house which was her home, accompanied by two witnesses and ordered the said heirs to manifest all the property which they acknowledged belonged to her; this was done so that I could take an inventory.

An old house with five very small rooms and partly diminished, 60 pesos

A portion of land with an orchard of plum trees; 35 varas and two cuartas; adjoining the foundation of Cpl. Jose Herrera, 33 pesos

An old flannel shirt, 3 pesos

An old silver snuff box, 4 pesos

A large old box with its key, 6 pesos, total 106 pesos.

He assigns to Jose Garduño, her grandson, the goods as he paid for the funeral of his grandmother. 

A new inventory for funeral:

New serge skirt well made, 35 pesos
Shroud of St. Francis made of coarse woolen stuff, 30 pesos
8 candles at one peso each, 8 pesos
8 pesos de la tierra, for funeral, 10 pesos
12 pesos and 4 reales, 3rd Order of Penitents, 12 pesos, 4 reales
9 pesos for church dues, total of 102 pesos 4 reales

The lands bordered was adjudicated to Corporal Joseph de Herrera and on which he built a house, which extends to the south as far as the river and to the east the wall of the deceased Carrillo; north, two varas from the foundation of the house built by said Herrera; west the lands of the Souls, administered by Bernardino de Sena; this portion of land was not given gratis, for he helped with the funeral of said deceased by paying 16 pesos; and for its evident at all time, I singed it, Joseph de Bustamante Tagle, wit/ Pedro Tafoya and Juan Gavaldon.

On May 25, 1752, I Joseph Bustamante Tagle, Alcalde Mayor delivered to Jose Garduño, soldier of this garrison, the property of said deceased Catalina Duran, because he paid for the funeral and other expenses, mentioned above.  

I, Jose Miguel Garduño, soldier of this royal garrison, declare that I have received from the Alcalde Mayor Bustamante, the amount this inventory mentions, because I paid the funeral expenses of my deceased grandmother.  July 14, 1752.  Joseph Miguel Garduño

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 2, Twitchell #243, Frames 276-279
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