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Bartolome Trujillo ~ Estate

I, Juan Jose Duran, soldier of the royal garrison, appear before your Excellency, in matters relating to the inheritance of my deceased wife Felipa Trujillo, the legitimate daughter of the first marriage of Bartolome Trujillo and Margarita Torres…
I received only a griddle which was mentioned in the testament but have not received the inheritance as the others have.  The said ranch was settled by Cristobal Torres, the first owner and the widow should not be entitled to and we are not satisfied with what we’ve received.  Signed Juan Jose Duran, Felipe Tafoya.

Dear children of my heart, Bisente and Juan Jose Duran.

My dear children:
Of the health that you enjoy I may be happy, my children. Now and with what words, can I place myself at your feet, because, as I am indebted to you in all and for all of the property of my first nuptials, I advise you how my sons Juan Martin and Manuel Telles have already forgiven me, that I depend solely upon your Christian heart and hand that as good children you may forgive me, and my only wish is to depart from this life to glory, and my comfort lies within your hands.  Answer as whatever is your wish.  God grant you a thousand years, your father who esteems you, Bartolome Trujillo.

Another document states that Margarita Torres was the daughter of Cristobal Torres.  Torres also had Bartolome Trujillo living with him at the ranch of Abiquiu until he died. 


Felipe Tafoya, attorney for Juan Jose Duran, states that Marcos Martin, brother-in-law of his client; said Marcos should be given credence as he lived with the said deceased and had familiar dealings with him, and he is considered an honest man.  He also challenges Bisente Ximenes, because he is interested in the chattels.

Juan Domingo Lobato should also be challenged as he is the brother-in-law of Antonia de Medina and because it is known that he is interested in the property of the said deceased.

The Governor sends the documents to Chihuahua so that don Antonio Felis Valdes Lavandera, counselor to the royal courts take a look at them. The lands were given to Bartolome Trujillo on 12th day of October 1752 at Abiquiu. 

In the end some silver passed hands to finalize the land at Abiquiu.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #247, Reel 8, Frames 733-810
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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