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Tomasa Benavides ~ 1762 Estate

Inventory of Tomasa Benavides, division of the property left between Juana Benavides and Manuela Urioste, daughter-in-law of the deceased, Tomasa. 

            In Santa Fe on the 4th May 1762, Tomasa Benavides, widow of Francisco Valdes, died on the 29th of last month.  Parties present and having some charge were:  Francisca, wife of don Francisco Gabiel Fragoso; Manuela, widow of Alejandro Valdez, Maria Antonia, married to Ysidro Rosenes; Maria Rosa wife of Joseph Baca. All these being reared and supported by the deceased as her own daughters.

Property:  first the home, two story building, consisting of four rooms, two up and two down, a small piece of land adjoining. 

Francisca said a chest key was in her possession, a woolen underskirt, one serge petticoat, one jug and two flasks of brandy, one pair of fine pearl earrings; one linen shirt; along with a sackcloth mattress, one bed sheet and blankets.

Also:  one crucifix, one holy picture of San Francisco de Xavier.

One white flour sifter
Three small mended copper kettles
One tin pan and one metate
One wood carrier burro
One mule and one horse
Two bottles and one small flask
Signed Manuel Gallego and Francisco Guerrero (rubrics)
As for information o the heirs or heirs of the deceased.  That during her married life, they reared three children, two girls, one of which died in infancy, the other also died, a maiden, 15 years.  Alejandro Valdes, who married Manuela de Urioste, and was married for 13 years, the said widow, being asked if she had reared any children, she did not, but since she was married should be considered.  Half the house was given to Manuela Urioste, the widow of Alejandro. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 1, Twitchell #104, Frames 776-788.
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