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Salvador Armijo ~ 1803 Estate

I, don Pedro Bautista Pino, Justice of the Peace of said villa, have been asked to review and determine the division of property found in the enclosed account pertaining to Salvador Armijo.  He was killed by the enemy, the Apaches; also learning that the said Armijo was partisan of two minors and guardian of two others.  September 22, 1803, Pedro Bautista Pino

I the Alcalde, have summoned before me don Miguel Baca, and asked him if he knew Salvador Armijo and if he knows where he died and who had taken charge of his property.  He said he knew Salvador Armijo and that he was killed by the enemy, the Apaches, in the Mesa of La Cieneguilla, jurisdiction of this villa whose body was found by him and his brother Luis Maria Baca, and he took charge of the property of the said deceased by order.  Asked about the debts, he said that he was indebted to the minors of Bernardo Baca, and that he has also heard that he was indebted to his minor brothers of whom he was their guardian and administrator.  I have also heard that he is in debt to don Manuel de Arteaga; also of Luis Maria Baca, who is the guardian of the said minor Baca’s; also of his brother Jose Maria Baca and that this is all he knows.  Signed Jose Miguel Baca, Pedro Bautista Pino, Jose Campo Redondo (witness).

I order a collection of the property and the creditors summoned to meet at the dwelling house of Miguel Baca to show evidence of the debts against the estate of said deceased Armijo and that they may be paid accordingly.  Juan Bautista Pino

On September 24, before me don Luis Maria Baca presented himself, claiming as guardian and administrator of the minors of deceased Bernardo Baca, against the estate of the deceased Salvador Armijo, for the satisfaction due to the said minor Baca’s of 725 ewes and show in the instrument of bond, which is in the possession of don Miguel Quintana.  The debt being one 114 ewes, which is what he claims and signed, Pino, Baca, Campos Redondo.

On October 7th, I, the Alcalde Mayor, having acknowledged all the debts as a general account, owed by said Salvador Armijo to said creditors with the exception of Jose Maria Baca, who had no written proof, and declared not to have it.  I have found the said debts to be 1,739 pesos; and concerning the principal in possession, there are 644 sheep, seven rams and 250 pesos and six reales in coin, derived from other property as shown by Miguel Baca, having exchanged all for sheep, they now have 1,171 head.  There were 688 sheep, 44 less, meanwhile they had losses and as acknowledged by the sheep herder, 478 sheep are lacking for the full payment of the original debt; all said the creditors lose about 30%.  J B Pino and J C Redondo

First come the minors of the deceased Bernardo Baca, don Luis Maria Baca, their guardian, receiving for them the following:
274 large ewes
77 lambs
99 small sheep
8 rams and four large ewes
50 ewes and 25 pesos in coin
508 total

Next come the brothers of said Armijo, who presented their tutelage of which making a total account now have 1,817 pesos – in products of the land and not finding anything for the payment of said sum as they themselves confessed, that when their brother Salvador Armijo received the estate of the Baca minors, their tutelage was greatly reduced.  Only 400 head of minor cattle remain in view of their confession I decided to pay them only 400 ewes as their apportionment, losing the 30% they received the following:
100 pesos, one hundred large ewes
100 pesos, a horse valued at such
40 pesos, two cows
25 pesos, one cow and calf
30 pesos, a bedspread
100 pesos, a promissory note granted to Juan Antonio Garcia, resident of la Cañada.
395 pesos total

The sum of 395 pesos, I delivered to said minors in payment of lands sold by their deceased brother in Rio Abajo, pertaining to the minors.  All that, which is noted down in this account pertaining to the said Armijo minors that I have placed in the hands of Mariano Torres, their brother-in-law, as guardian of said minors and administrators of their estate, until the time when they are able to manage it themselves. 

Then don Manuel de Arteaga who presented a document showing that the said deceased Salvador Armijo had 400 of his ewes on share and so I ordered they be given to him in apportionment, listing as the rest of the creditors 30%, thus 280 is his share. For this 240 is in coin taking for reales for each ewe, for which he declared himself perfectly satisfied.

Then follows Luis Maria Baca, who did not present any documents, but only said that he acknowledged in a deed pertaining to his sister-in-law Maria Josefa Quintana, and although he did not present any evidence, said debit is corroborated by Miguel Baca. That share being 81 sheep, in lieu of which he received 40 pesos and four reales. At the same time, Baltazar Montoya received for him, 114 ewes owed him by Armijo, and which he deducted from the account received by the said Baca and was given to the collector of titles don Bartolome Fernandez, this is to be divided.

Having concluded the partition of the estate of the deceased Salvador Armijo, the creditors all giving their receipts, which are included in this procedure, with the signature of Luis Maria Baca, and all the rest of the creditors, I close this matter.  Pedro Bautista Pino and Joe Campos Redondo.

Distribution of the estate of the deceased Salvador Armijo, of what was sold, and the residue as commissioned:

One pair woolen trousers, 6-3
Another old pair of trousers, 1
A piece of chamois skin for a child’s trousers 1-1
A pair of silver stirrup buckles, 1-1
A valise, 06
Two ropes, 04
A mule, 70
A burro, 02
A cartridge belt
133 sheep sold by Toribio Gonzales at a dollar each, 133
For the 22 sheep sold by me at a dollar each, 22
Two dollars from the products from ranch at Guchupangue, 2
Total production in coin, 252-6

393 large ewes, 393
Products of lambing season, 286
Total of block, 688
Back part of harness, a gun, a lance, pair of stirrups, pair of small silver bride buckles, one and a half pair of carding combs, an iron for shoeing horses, the sale of said iron, a saw.  The products of said ranch sold by don Miguel Quintana, a mule, a horse, two cows, a spread, 100 pesos in seeds, given on account, also a cow with calf. In this ranch is included a mill, sold for 20 pesos.

Moreover, Ramon Villanueva, a pair of silver bridle buckles, pertaining to this estate.

The estate owes for the fixing of a gun and lance as shown by receipt of the gunsmith.

I also find in this list, a serape and a wagon, which I have not received.

I, Mariano Torres, resident of Belen, declare that the Alcalde, don Pedro Bautista Pino as guardian and administrator of this estate, allotted by my brothers and sister-in-laws namely: Diego Armijo, Pedro Jose Antonio and Ana Maria, the amount of 100 large ewes, forty pesos in coin – for 80 ewes, three rams, all amounting to 280 head of minor cattle and is in the reduction of 100% of the estate in the hands of Salvador Armijo, who was the guardian of said minors. Also a mule, valued at 100 pesos, a horse at 100 pesos, two cows 40 pesos, cow and calf, 31 pesos; a bed spread at 30; and a note from Juan Antonio de Noriega for 395 pesos in products of the land, from the ranch sold at Guchupangue, pertaining to said minors.  October 11, 1803, at the request of Mariano Torres, Bartolome Sandoval signed.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #54, Roll 1, Frames: 429-439.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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