Friday, March 1, 2013

Juana Garcia de los Reyes ~ 1752 Will

I, Juana Garcia de los Reyes, am ill and dying.

I ask that I be buried in the parish church of the villa in the Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen.

I was married to Francisco Martin, now deceased and we had the following children:  Francisco, Juan, Nicolas, Lorenza, Maria, Francisco Xavier, Marcial, Ana Petrona, Josefa, Angel; and Manuel and Blas, now deceased.   Said children are my legitimate heirs.

I declare that neither I nor my husband inherited any property.

I declare that I do not owe anything.

I declare one tract of land which was granted to my husband and mentioned in his will.  I order that this land be distributed amongst my children and heirs.

I declare one house with a lot and garden; the house has eight rooms.  Said garden is 32 varas in length and extends from the Camino Real up to the acequia madre. 

I declare as my executor, my son, Francisco Martin.

I declare that one room shall be separated for my son Manuel.

I order my executor to divide seven rooms and the garden mentioned in equal parts among, Maria, Ana Petra, Josefa, Angela with the consent of all my heirs.

She did not sign as she did not know how, the witnesses were Juan Trujillo, Christobal Balencia, Juan Antonio Martin.  Signed at San Buena Bentura of Chimayo on August 18, 1752.

Nicolas Leal, Salvador Varela, Juan Jose Sandobal, Juan Joseph Sandoval, Judge.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series, I, Twitchell 353, Roll 2, Frames 928-931.
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