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Jose Antonio Griego ~ 1785 Will

I, Jose Antonio Griego, a retired soldier of the garrison of Santa Fe, find myself sick.

I declare that I was married to Maria Tenorio for fifty-five years and in said marriage we had the following children:  Fernando, Jose, Ana Maria, Felipe, Nicolas, Maria Rita, Maria Barbara, Maria Josefa, Magdalena, Anastacia, Jose Gervacio, Jose Domingo, Bernardo – deceased, Juan Domingo – deceased and Maria Francisca – deceased.

I declare that at the time of my marriage, my wife brought 300 ewes and her personal clothing and this house in which I live and with the lands annexed to it; said lands which I’ve partitioned amongst the said male members of the family.  The house, it is very well that the daughters divide the house among themselves, the three who are single and Barbara; the others have already received the share which belongs to them.   Such was the will of their mother who left me the said house and lands so that I could support myself and the children and that at my death I would divide among them whatever might remain, because I did not bring anything to our marriage, nor did I have more than enough with which to support the family meagerly; everything else was consumed.

I declare that I have house images which shall be divided among my children.

I declare that I have one large kettle and one pan; I leave these to Maria Rita.

The little house furniture consists of one small table, two ___ and one bench.  They shall divide the same among themselves as brothers and sisters.

I declare that I owe Martin Lopez four pesos in currency of the country; I order it be paid.

I declare as my executors my sons, Jose (Miguel) and Fernando, signed this 18th day of April 1785.

Jose Antonio Griego, Jose Maldonado, Juan de Dios Peña, Jose Miguel Tafoya.

Receipts for items pertaining to his death are itemized:

1.     Anza, orders that the executors shall execute the will with respective receipts.
2.      Jose Miguel Griego received six pesos in solder for a high mass with vigils, for his deceased father, July 8, 1785.
3.     Jose Miguel de la Peña received from Jose Griego, four pesos in currency of the country for the mandatory legacies of the deceased, his father, March 11, 1786.
4.     Lorenzo Marques received six pesos for the burial of said Griego, November 4, 1785.
5.     Andres Roybal received 56 varas from the estate of his father-in-law, the lands to which his wife was entitled, March 10, 1786.
6.     Juan Domingo Griego received 50 varas of land as inheritance from my deceased mother, March 10, 1786.
7.     Jose Gerbasio Griego received 50 varas of land which came to me as inheritance from my deceased mother, May 10, 1786.
8.     Miguel Garduño, received a piece of land and a one room house which was obtained by my wife, Maria Barbara as inheritance from her deceased father, 1786.
9.     Teodora Roybal received 56 varas of land, the same which were received by my deceased husband, Fernando Griego, as inheritance, March 10, 1786.
10.  Anastacia Griego received 26 varas of land and one room of a house which I inherited from my deceased father, 1786.
11.  Maria Madalena received 25 varas of farm land and one room in a house as inheritance from my deceased father, 1786.
12.  Maria Rita received 25 varas of farm land and one room of a house which I obtained as inheritance from my deceased father, 1786.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 372, Frames 1051-1067.
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