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Diego Vasquez Borrego ~ 1753 Will

I, Diego Vasquez Borrego, finding myself ill, citizen of the Rio Abajo, make this last memorandum. 

First I declare as my goods 500 head of breeding sheep, 100 goats; which are in different possessions of people in the Rio Abajo.
I also declare as my properties, two horses, one gun and its case, also two bridles, one yoke of oxen, seven pairs of straps, one new card and four log chains.
One ranch between San Felipe and Jemez; as one of the settlers a grant of lands which the King gave me in the locality of Belen.
Two axes.
Three hoes.
I declare to have paid to the half breed Indians of Belen, 17,750 adobes and some vigas.
I declare that although I have delivered to Salvador Martinez the amount of 300 pesos which he demanded of me, and I delivered at the order of the Royal Court, I assert that I do not owe him one real.
That Felipe Tafoya shall continue to tend the counting of my properties because of the great satisfaction I have in him. For this reason I name him and leave him as my executor and guardian of properties and from there let him pay my funeral masses and all the rest of my funeral expenses.
I declare I owe three masses, let them be paid.
I declare that I owe one heifer, I order it paid.
I declare that I have two boys whom I acknowledge as my sons, and these have looked after my sheep and have put them in the state in which I leave them.
I also declare the estate of the late Barrera owes me a yoke of oxen and a horse and eight calves, I ask they be collected.
Signed May 5, 1753, Fray Tomas Murciano de la Cruz, wit/ Antonio Armenta and Jose Maldonado, Francisco Guerrero.

In Santa Fe, May 7, 1753, Felipe Tafoya is questioned.  He stated that he knew that Diego Vasquez Borrego was married in a first marriage, but could not remember the name; the second marriage she was named Rosa de Altamirano and during the first marriage he had raised one son named Manuel Borrego and by the other, Rosa de Altamirano two sons, the one now deceased and the other one who is living is named Juan Diego Borrego – who is now of age.

Presented as a witness, Antonio Armenta, on said day, month and year.  A friend of the deceased knew that he had been married twice, although he did not mention the name of the first wife, he did mention the second, which is Rosa de Altamirano who still lives.  During both marriages, he had for his legitimate sons: in the first Manuel Borrego, now a citizen of El Paso and in the second, two sons on names Augustin Borrego who died in the city of Mexico and the other who lives in Toluca.  I declare that I am 54 years of age.  Signed Nicolas de Ortiz and Antonio Armenta.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series 1, Twitchell 98, Roll 1, Frames 745-760
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