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Clemente Gutierrez ~ 1785 Estate

Partition and inventory of the property left at the death of Clemente Gutierrez, amongst his wife and five children, 1785.

I don Clemente Gutierrez, Spaniard and native of the Kingdom of Aragon, a citizen and resident of the locality of San Isidro de Pajarito, jurisdiction of San Augustin of Isleta in this Province of New Mexico, find myself seriously ill.

I give full authority for my son don Jose Mariano de la Peña, so that he may make the said testament, disposing of the same according to law and justice.  Appoint him as executor of this my final last will and testament.

I, doña Apolonia Baca, widow of don Clemente Gutierrez, resident of San Ysidro de Pajarito, appear.  My husband having died on the 20th April of the present year, whatever is just to me and the rights of my minor children at the same time advising you, that I brought to the marriage a certain number of sheep, said number I ask and authorize my father, don Antonio Baca, to deliver to me what is mine.

Not knowing how to sign, she asks her son, Lorenzo Gutierrez for sign for her.

Many pages later the children are identified as Lorenzo, Lorenza, Maria Soledad, the three married; the minors are Maria Luiza and Juana. 

The documents run over 120 pages with goods and legal jargon.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 371.
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  1. The son given executor authority was actually his son-in-law - the spouse of Maria Soledad.