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Antonio Gallegos ~ 1715 Estate

Inventories of the Sergeant Antonio Gallegos, deceased, resident of the locality of Bernalillo and schedules of the portions between Rosa Montoya, widow of the said Gallegos and her appointment as guardian of the minor children.  He bondsmen are Captain Diego and Antonio Montoya, residents of Bernalillo.  Year of 1715.

From Luis Garcia – after returning from a campaign, I heard that Sgt. Antonio Gallegos had died intestate in the said Bernalillo, in having that knowledge I went to inventory what he left.  Although the widow did not oppose this, I waited for the order from your Excellency to do so.  Gallegos has heirs, legitimate children of which the oldest is only 14 and from there down,   October 23, 1715, Bernalillo, Signed Luis Garcia (Alcalde of Albuquerque)

At Santa Fe on October 24, 1715, I Mogollon, Governor an Captain General of this kingdom and provinces of New Mexico – I order the said Alcalde to go the house and make an inventory of the said Antonio Gallegos, with assistance, to count cattle, sheep, horses, mares and mules, with any lands that he might have, placing everything in Rosa Montoya, widow of said Gallegos.  One half of the properties shall go to the widow and the other half to the minor children of said Antonio Gallegos and Rosa Montoya.  Signed Mogollon (rubric), Roque Pinto, Secretary

On October 30, 1715, I, Captain Luis Garcia, Alcalde Mayor and Captain of War of the settlement of Bernalillo, I went to the house of Rosa Montoya, widow to make the inventory.  The widow stated that she was married to Antonio Gallegos and they had and raised the following children:  Maria Gallegos, Jose Gallegos, Juan Antonio Gallegos, Margarita Gallegos, Juana Gallegos, Gertrudes Gallegos, and Josefa Gallegos, whom she acknowledges as her heirs.

She declared a piece of land which he left at Rio Abajo, in the open and was purchase and grant.
Also 370 head of sheep, big and small.
60 cattle, large and small, as well as two yoke of oxen.
Four bulls.
Six yearling calves and heifers.
Seven wild mares with their offspring and stallion.
Six horses and four mules, three tame and one wild.

These said properties now in her care.

The widow also declares having paid for the funerals as follows:  to the priest 92 pesos for the funeral, at the anniversary with an eight day mass, also five novenas of masses which he agreed to say.  Assistants:  Jose de Quintana, Ignacio de Aragon

Order of appointment of appraisers.  – At Santa Fe on November 20, 1715, the appraisers are Sergeant Major don Alfonso Rael de Aguilar and Captain Diego de Quiros, and they should apply one half to the widow and the other to the children.

200 breeding cows at two pesos each, 400 pesos.
46 young ewes, 34 pesos and four reales.
27 male lambs, 20 pesos and two reales.
60 breeding goats, 120 pesos.
30 male and female goats, 22 pesos and four reales.
32 breeding cows and four bulls, 576 pesos.
Four oxen, 80 pesos.
Three claves and three heifers, 48 pesos.
28 calves and heifers, 112 pesos.
Eight wild mares and the stallion, 72 pesos.
Seven colts of this year’s growth, 14 pesos.
Six horses, 90 pesos.
Three tame mules and one wild one, 110 pesos. 
Total of 1,699 pesos, 2 reales.

Signed Quiros and Aguilar along with Mogollon.  The funds were distributed as follows: 12 pesos to the Alcalde Luis Garcia, 20 pesos to the Secretary of Government, 833 and 5 reales pesos to Rosa Montoya and the other 833 reales and 5 pesos to the children and the one she is carrying, being eight in all.  Montoya is named as guardian.  On November 28, 1715, they all approved and signed.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #310, Frames 626-638.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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