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Luis Garcia ~ Will 1747

I, Luis Garcia de Noriega, a resident of the villa of Albuquerque, order my testament, being of sound mind, but seriously ill. 

I name as my executor, my father-in-law, Ramon Garcia Jurado.

I declare that I have been married to Josefa Balverde and during said marriage we had one daughter named Rosalia Garcia.

I declare that when the said Rosalia was married, I gave her as her dowry 3,400 pesos which were received by Salbador Martines, her legitimate husband and from the day of her wedding, I have helped her and he has availed himself of my fortune without having a valuation placed on anything whatsoever until last year when my daughter’s husband presented a power of attorney from my daughter; and upon agreement with my attorney he was given her third share of my estate as is shown in the proceedings with I transmit, and for which reason I do not leave her any of my chattels.

I declare that my second wife is Barbara Garcia Jurado and during our marriage we had and raised four children who are, Luis, Ana Maria, Maria Rosa and Lazaro Antonio.

I declare that I have had an agreement with don Joseph Balentin de Agunta, at different times and I have asked his heirs for a settlement of accounts and have had no satisfaction; therefore I order that they appear with the book of charges and credits of the transactions that don Joseph Agunta had with me and justify our dealings and whoever is in arrears, let him pay.

I declare that I have in my possession 50 head of dry goats belong to Juana Torobio, a resident of El Paso; I order that they be delivered to her or to whomever may the right to them.

I declare that I do not remember owning any other persons, but if poof is presented that I do, I order that it be paid.

Ysidro Sanches, a resident of Fonclara, owes me to harnesses, one bull and 22 pesos for one chest of powder that the aforesaid had sold me and which from Antonio Valverde took away from me.

Lasaro Garcia owes me four ewes.
Salvador Garcia owns me two heifers.
The estate of don Jose Reano owes me 30 pesos for a horse which I sold him.
The Ensign Tafoya, and the Ensign don Jose Moreno we me two cows which I gave the soldiers upon their order.
Bartolo Fernandez, owes me 40 pesos for two horses which I gave him.
Jose Miguel owes me 10 pesos for a horse that I sold him.
I declare that many owe me small amounts that my wife is aware of, I order them collected.

I declare that I have a tract of land where I reside called San Antonio and on it I have a house of five rooms.
I have all kinds of arms, which consist of a saddle, shotgun, small silver sword, bridle, spurs, saddle pads and two lances.
Two new coats and one old one, a pair of scarlet cloth trousers and other of plush, one stain arm band, two shirts and two pair of white trousers, cape and hat.
Three chests with locks.
Two plowshares, two axes, one plowpoint, one adze, one chisel, cone scythe, one hacksaw, one compass, one auger, branding iron an counter brand.
I have two old carts.
Seven yoke of tame oxen.
56 head of cattle of branding age and upwards and if there are more they will have my brand and earmark.
Nine foreign and eleven native horses.
Three female mules and three male mules, one breeding burro.
800 head of small cattle including the 50 goats which I declared I owe in El Paso.
I declare that among said sheep there is apportion belonging to my wife, issued from 60 head of which don Santiago de Roybal made her a gift of three years ago, with her brand.
I have 51 mares, small and large, from branded age upwards.
I have one belt knife with silver handle.
One table, one bench and one chair.
Francisco Padilla owes me one more mule and the usual rental from the time he left the kingdom.
Diego Borrego owes me the rent for a mule, eight years old, which he took out of the country with a harness and five pesos more.
I declare that I married my first wife and she did not bring me a dowry.
I declare that my second wife, did not bring any dowry, but I gave her a dowry at that time of 2,000 pesos from my estate which I leave her.  It is my wish to leave her as heiress of half of my estate the other half to my four legitimate children, deducting from the bulk of my estate the funeral expenses and whatever I have ordered spent. 
Executed on January 7, 1746, signed Jose Baca and Luis Garcia.

The valuation of the estate comes out to $6,199 pesos with some deductions for masses, witnesses, etc. leaving the estate valued at $6,108.  Signed Antonio Ulibarri

On August 11, 1747, the estate was divided as such:
                        The widow is entitled to $3,054 pesos.
                        Luis Garcia, legitimate son, $763 pesos, four reales.
                        Ana Garcia de Noriega, second daughter of Luis, $763 pesos.
                        Maria Rosa Garcia, third daughter, $763 pesos.
                       Lazaro Antonio, fourth child, $763 pesos.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 2, Twitchell 342
© Henrietta M. Christmas

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