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Diego Manuel Baca ~ 1727 Will

I declare that I was married at a nuptial mass according to the rules and order of our Holy Mother the church to doña Maria de la Bega y Coca, and during our matrimony we had and generated four legitimate sons, one is dead and at the present there only remains three who are Manuel, Nicolas and Juan Estevan.  I declare them as my legitimate sons.

I declared that at the time that I entered into matrimony, there was given to my said wife a dower of a ranch which consists of a house and cultivating lands for the purpose of planting wheat, the lands for planting wheat are as much tilled lands to cover three Spanish bushels of seed, and some in the other lands, about half a fanega of seed and a little more contiguous to the lands of my Sir Father, of my said wife, I declare that there is:

I declare that there comes to me as paternal inheritance a tract of land which is called Codiana, thus it was stated by doña __ which lands are bounded with land of Juan Gonzales and now, those lands belong to Josefa Baca, and on the side of Angostura, with lands of Ambrosio Saies and this tract of land is to be divided amongst four brothers that we are, in equal parts, each one of us to receive a fourth part, and the documents are in the hands of my brother Antonio Baca.  I so thus declare.

I declare that there are in possession of my brother Antonio Baca more than 80 head of sheep, which I leave to the conscience of my said brother, whatever he may wish to give from this.

I declare my home and all its contents as my property.
I declare to have 3 yoke of oxen fully equipped.
I declare to have six mules.
I declare to have 6 tame horses.
3 milk cows.
A young bull a year oldl.
Two axes.
An adze, a pitchfork.
A bow for projecting arrows and a sword.
My saddle, spurs, two bridles, saddle blankets.
I declare the Reverend Father Francisco Montaño owes me 6 pesos.
Xristobal de Balensuela owes me 3 pesos.
Antonio Apodaca owes me 6 pesos.
Ignacio Barreras owes me 30 pesos after giving him credits.
Blas Lovato owes me forty pesos, which account is in the hands of the Governor to recover payment.
Simon Nieto owes my 30 pesos, after credits given him.
Miguel Tenorio owes me 3 pesos.
Francisco Rendon owes me 8 pesos.
Jose de Timoteo, a resident of Janos, owes me whatever he obtained from the sale of woolen blankets from Sonora and Servilleta, besides also a mule, and a woolen blanket which was a separate sale, and also a mule that I loaned him, equipped with pack saddles, which mules belongs to my compadre Antonio Montoya, and he also owes me besides; two hundred pesos in silver or Spanish coins, he agreed to deliver for me to don Francisco Gomez del Campo in Chihuahua.
Antonio Ballejos owes me 2 pesos.
Juachin Sanchez owes me 2 pesos.
Bernabe Baca owes me 10 pesos.
Ambrosio de Aragon owes me 5 pesos.
Matias Trujillo owes me 3 buckskins.
Joseph Lujan owes me three buckskins.
Antonio Salasar owes me one buckskin.
Bartholome Gutierres owes me six pesos, beside he owes seven iron pesos.
Francisco Gutierres, owes me two pesos.
Juan Garcia de Noriega owes me a mule.
My compadre Andres Montoya owes me 10 pesos.
Antonio Montoya two hides with seven bands in a girdle and elbows turned out.  He also owes 30 pesos and 7 buckskins and all amounts one 114 pesos.
Juan Gavriel Peco owes a kneading trough, two wooden seats with backs, Trapeco, a relation of Juan Ruvestena, a large table with a box, and a large double door, and three single doors, five windows, and four elbow chairs.
At Taos, Joseph son of Pablo Gavilan owes me 2 horses.
An Indian from San Juan owes me (alias Piculi), 20 awls, or small pieces of buckskin, value of same.
Sevastian de Bargas, owes me 6 pesos after giving him credit for the work he has done for me, he owes these 6 pesos.  He also owes another amount entrusted to him and received the money in my presence on a campeche log wood.  He also owes another 6 pesos of my nephew, Antonio Baca, which amount was witnesses to me.
Joseph Gallegos owes me two buckskins.
Nicolas Moran owes me 6 pesos.
Francisco Arias owes me 22 pesos.
don Juan Antonio Belarde, owes me 6 pesos, freight, bringing a horse which I paid to take two Indians to Chihuahua which I delivered to Joseph Belarde.
Juan Lorenzo Medina owes me two pesos.
Joseph Apodaca owes me 45 pesos of which 30 are to be delivered to my compadre Tomas Romero.
Bentura de Esquibel owes me 4 pesos.
Consabal, a soldier of El Paso owes me a horse.
Diego Lujan, owes me 12 pesos in silver.
Juan Moreno owes a horse.
Felipita Mares owes 18 pesos.
Nicolas Gallegos owes a horse.
Diego Gallegos owes 3 colts.
Tomas Garcia owes 16 pesos.
Juachin de Analla owes 8 pesos, all of which I order my administrators to collect them as they are just debts.

I declare to owe the following:
To the señor governador, don Juan Domingo de Bustamante, a small bundle of narrow lace, and what might appear more to owe him, let him be paid.
Estevan Duran a horse.
Diego Gallegos a hide and a he-mule.
don Joseph de Orajansa, 7 pesos for woolen cloth from Queretero.
To my compadre Andres Montoya two habits.
To Antonio Montoya, a small head dress, or gauze, ribbon or lace round the crown of a hat, a pair of stockings, a piece of buckskin, a rope.

And in order to comply with this my will, I name as my administrators and holders of my property to don Miguel de la Vega y Coca, and my mentioned wife, so that they may take charge of my property or sell and dispose of same on account of the entire confidence that I have in them. 

And the same was signed with me with the undersigned witnesses of my assistance with whom I act as actuary or delegate judge, as there is no public or royal notary in this Kingdom, and same was written on this kind of paper, as there is no paper with the royal seal.  The witnesses who signed this instrument were Antonio Montolla, Juan Phelipe de Rivera, and Miguel de Coca, the servant, all residents of this villa of Santa Fe, where it is dated.  And I signed it on the 23rd of the month of March 1727, to which I attest and certify, and thusly on taking hold of the pen to sign, he could not do so, and he asked and begged Manuel Tenorio to sign for him.

Diego de Quiros (rubric)
At request of the grantor, Manuel Tenorio de Alba, (rubric)
Antonio de Grueciasa (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #83, Frames 590-599.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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