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Corporal, Juan Gallegos ~ Will 1760

The Corporal, Juan Gallegos, died somewhere in the locality of Tome on November 23, 1760, notified and signed by Father Juan Toledo. 

The Governor, went to the home which belonged to said deceased Juan Gallegos, and the widow of said deceased being present, I ordered to expose to view all of the goods, both landed properties and other possessions which remained at the death of said deceased for the benefit of said widow, Maria Gutierres and of a minor legitimate daughter, in order to appraise them according to their valuation.  The goods were viewed and appraised by Bartolome Fernandez and Miguel Tenorio.

MEMORANDUM - of the goods which the Corporal, Juan Gallegos, declares as his; and his last will which he declares if God shall see fit to call him to Himself.

First, his own land and house for which he is indebted to no one, he declares for his wife and daughter whom he declares to be legitimate and designates as heir.

In the market place, he declares he has owed 60 pesos for a month, a little more or less, saying he has reduced the amount somewhat and in said time he has not received more than half a bunch of tobacco.

The household furniture to his wife and daughter.

He declares he has 10 horses.  Of these, six are delivered to the Alcalde Mayor, Miguel Lucero, and some with Mariano Iturrieta, who is now ill, if lost he entreats that he deliver and the three in the bunch with one colt; he declares shall be delivered to his wife, together with the equipage for riding horseback and the blunderbusses, lances, etc. shall be delivered to his wife.

He has in the care of Martin Gallegos, three cows; spotted, red and curly haired, with one three-year old bull, offspring of the curly-haired cow.

The red cow is in the woods of the villa with its calf.

Two, new cows which he has at the home of Manuel Junior.

Two, three-year old bulls at the home of Jose Miguel de la Peña, to be delivered on April 1 ’61.

One calf at the home of Manuel Martin, son-in-law of Jacinto Perea.

He owes one pair of shoes to Juan Felipe Rivera.

Two pesos which he owes outside, he sent silver to pay.

Jose Mares owes him adobes, stacked and Tomas Onofre, 300 stacked.

He declares that his wife and daughter shall enjoy all, and from it arrange for his funeral and mandatory legacies.  And for this to be valid, he signed it before Diego Romero on November 23, at the home of Jacinta Varela, Tome, year of 1760.  Friar Juan Jose Toledo (rubric)

WIDOW- The widow was ordered to name a person who should be a guardian and protector of the minor child, her daughter, Juana Thomasa, and she said that she was naming and did name, Thomas Gallego, her relative and a soldier and said Thomas Gallego being present, he said that he was accepting and did accept the office of guardian.  He realizes the responsibility and promised to discharge his duty well and faithfully, and he did not sign because he did not know how.  I signed it, said Alcalde, Francisco Guerrero, Bartolome Fernandes.

On May 2, 1761, the following goods were delivered to the said widow, Maria Gutierres, 401 pesos and 3 reales in the following manner:

First, half the house and land which is not valued.
121 pesos and 2 reales in merchandise of which was left owing to him in the Palace.
1 gun and case at 30 pesos.
1 grey horse at 25 pesos.
1 new shoulder belt at 18 pesos.
1 sword at 10 pesos.
Some blue trousers at 10 pesos.
1 hat at 8 pesos.
3 cows, 36 pesos.
1 used cloth scarf at 5 pesos.
One bull, 12 pesos.
Some wool stockings, 2 pairs of socks and 3 of copper toes, 3 pesos.
2 blankets at 10 pesos.
Bridle, rope, head stall of a halter and boots, all at 7 pesos.
Some spurs with silver buckles at 15 pesos.
1 sack and valise, one peso.
2 grey horses, 30 pesos.
1 cartridge box at 2 pesos.
A shield and small cushion at 5 pesos.
One scarf, three pesos, a work shirt and trousers, three pesos, some slippers, one peso.
1 sorrell horse, 15 pesos.
5 pounds of gun powder – with which items the amount of the aforesaid 401 pesos was completed in receipt of which she rained satisfied and paid.  And she said that she had nothing to ask and in order that it be valid, I acknowledged it and signed it with witnesses.  Signed Francisco Guerrero (rubric).

For the minor child, Juana Thomasa, the goods as follows:

First, without the dominion over the half of the house and land, there was delivered to her guardian the amount of 121 pesos, 1 real in merchandise from that which was owed her deceased father.
A new scarf of scarlet cloth trimmed with gold shrimps at 25 pesos.
1 bay horse at 30 pesos.
2 black at 15, 30 pesos.
1 mulberry at 15 pesos.
2 bulls, 24 pesos.
1 heifer, 6 pesos.
2 cows at Segundos, 24 pesos.
1 kerchief of coarse brown linen, 6 reales.
Some pistols at 38 pesos.
The saddle and stirrups, 50 pesos.
Another horse at 15 pesos.
Some metal buckles, 6 reales.
1 girdle and six of the buckles, 1 peso.
1 leather jacket at 30 pesos.
5 pounds of gun powder.

With these items, barring errors, the said amount which belongs to the minor was completed with receipt of which the guardian said he remained satisfied and paid -  Signed Francisco Guerrero, Bartolome Fernandez.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 2, Twitchell 358, Frame 954-963.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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