Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lazaro Atencio ~ Will 1767

I, Lazaro Atencio, now residing in Abiquiu and legitimate son of Jose Atencio and Estefana Trujillo deceased, find myself dangerously ill from an accident.

He declares that he has been married once to Gertrudis Martin, now deceased and with whom she had one son named Christoval (later called Madrid from her first marriage); when we married I did not take any dowry.

He tells us that he was absent to another country in 1743.  And of the 10th of October 1743, his wife, received from Antonio Martin, her brother and executor for their father, Diego Martin, 40 varas of land at Ojo Caliente and 35 goats, three cows.

He declares land on the rio Chama which was given as a land grant.

That upon the death of my wife, her son, Christobal Madrid, presented himself before the Magistrate demanding the profits of hereditary goods which he said are due him.

He goes onto list a long list of items all of which are really interesting.  He leaves all this to his brother, Cayetano Atencio, a nephew, Juan Lorenzo Atencio, Gregoria a niece and little Juan.

His executor is his brother Cayetano Atencio and his nephew Juan Lorenzo Atencio; August 1, 1767.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 49, Frames 388-394.
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