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Jose Francisco Baca ~ Will 1772

I, Joseph Baca, resident of Puebo Quemado, jurisdiction of Santa Fe, am bed-ridden as a result of a sudden illness.

Declare that I was married to Juana Catalina Beytia, and we had and reared four children:  Maria Josefa, Antonio Jose, Jose Manuel, and Juan Cristobal.  All of which I declare as my legitimate children and heirs.

I declare to have an illegitimate son called Joseph Antonio, and it my will, that he gets a share of property; equally with my other children. [The mother of the child is Rosa Bustamante]

Declare that when I married my wife, I brought 17 branded steers, 12 horses and two mules.

Declare that señor Paulin Beytia assigned a portion of land to my wife which was inherited from my wife, from said Paulin Beytia, and to have erected a four-room house on it and a log cabin with Paulin Beytia helped personally to build.

Declare as my property a ranch in El Pueblo Quemado, also a house of four rooms, and a small log cabin at the end of the property. [Probably inheritance from Cristobal Baca, who I think is his father]

Declare that 100 varas of land in the ranch of Pueblo Quemado, be given my father-in-law Paulin Beytia, from the boundary of my uncle, Miguel de Alire to the lower end of the ranch.  Declare 2300 steers, 570 heads of minor cattle, seven cattle, six tame horses and a three-year old colt; five wild horses; two mules; a coat of mail, saddle, gun, sword, lance, leather jacket.  It is my order they be given to my father-in-law as also my spurs, bridle and saddle blanket.

Declare that all the furniture in the house be left to my wife.

Mentions the following: Bartolo Fernandez, I owe my sister - Nicolasa a bull [further proof he is a son of Cristobal Baca]; Jose Lozano; Vicente Crespin; Marcos Archuleta; Joseph Valdes; Antonio Martin; Pedro Martin; Nicolas Leal; Horacio Duran; Francisco Suarez Catalin; Juan de Ledesma; Ramon Garcia; Joseph Antonio Griego, soldier: Juan Dominguez, the soldier; Juan Valencia; Manuel Gallegos; the widow of Mariano Turrieta, called Rosa Ortis; Vicente Armijo

Name as guardian and administrator my wife Juana de Beytia and asTestamentary Administrators:  First my wife, second my uncle, don Miguel Alire and third my father-in-law Paulin de Beytia
Signed March 2, 1772

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 117, Frames 844-849
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