Thursday, December 6, 2012

Domingo de Benavides ~ Will 1770

In the villa of Santa Fe, Domingo de Benavides, a legitimate son of Nicolas de Benavides and Juana de Ojeda (Hojeda), finds himself sick in bed.

He states he was married to Francisca Lujan for 27 years and they had ten children of whom he names as:  Juan Domingo, Maria de Loreto, Josefa, Manuel Bitornio, the deceased are - Juan Antonio, Lucia, Rosalia, Jose Manuel, Botorino and alive Bartolo.

He has a house which consists of five rooms and the farm land.

A riding saddle, bridle, two pairs of spurs (small and large), a leather jacket, a shot gun and its case, a pistol, lance, short sword, saddle cushion, ammunition and a leather oval shied.  [this appears to be all his military equipment]

Two cows an calves.

The furniture of my house and my clothing, shall go to my wife.

He has goods and monies owed from Nicolas Apodaca, piñon, Salvador Montoya, flour, Nicolas Romero, piñon, Francisco Valdez, a bridle, Antonio, a two year old bull.

He declares due in the village of Chihuahua, from don Manuel de Escoria, the amount of 700 pesos in silver; from this sum are to be deducted the credit which I have in my possession and other credit which is in the possession of don Joseph Garcia, from the El Paso Presidio.

Also due me, a plow from Juan Felipe Rivera.

Other items mentioned are chocolate, cloth, linen, chamois skins, silver, oil, sugar, hats, shoes, etc.

He names as his executors his wife, Francisca Lujan and his brother Juan de Benavides.  Signed at the request of Domingo de Benavides, with witnesses:  Felipe Tafoya, Joachin Lain, Pedro Tafoya.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 115, Frames 832-838
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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