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Maria de Perea, Will 1715

I, Maria de Perea, a resident of Santa Fe and legitimate daughter of Juan de Perea and Alonsa Varela de Losada, both deceased, shall make this my last will.

I declare that I was married a first time to Miguel Maese, now deceased and during our life, we had a legitimate daughter, Catalina Maese. She is married to Juan Antonio Dominguez, my son-in-law.

I declare that I was married a second time to Agustin Lujan, and we had no children.

I declare that I raised Miguel Maese, a Spaniard since he was born, today he is 15 (b. 1700), I am very fond of him and he is to remain with my husband, Agustin Lujan.

She goes on to name some of her possession and leaves as her executors her husband, Agustin Lujan, Agustin Dominguez and her son-in-law now absent.

Signed, February 6 1715 by Diego Tomas Jiron de Tejada, because she did not know how.  Witnessed by Juan and Diego Luzero.  Jose Giltomey and Diego Arias de Quiros.

Marriage - El Paso, June 15 1693,  Miguel Maese, 22, soldier of the Presidio of El Pilar and San Jose, s/ Alonso Maese and Catarina Montaño, from NM, with Maria Barela de Losada, 20, of El Paso, d/ Juan de Perea and Aldonsa Barela de Losada.  She's using her mother's surname. 

Genealogy:  Maria de Perea married Miguel Maese, their daughter Catalina Maese married Juan Antonio Dominguez, who is absent, so where is he?  Is a possible child of theirs Antonio Dominguez who married Melchora Valdez?

Look for the guias to leave New Mexico, they are from that time frame.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 680
New Mexico Roots Ltd, Pg. 1051

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  1. Henrietta - don't know if you've already gotten this, but this Catalina Maese married a second time to Francisco Rendon in Santa Fe, 2 Feb 1727, after the time of this will, of course.