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Josef Dominguez - Land Aug 8 1701

In Santa Fe on August 8, 1701, Jose Castellano sold to the Sergeant of the presidio, Bartolome Lobato, a house with an orchard and is bound by lands of the Adjutant Jose Dominguez and the Rio Chiquito, for the price of 400 pesos.  Witnesses were Santo Domingo de la Barreda and Carlos Diaz Blea, signed Jose Castellanos, Jose Rodriguez.

Is this the same man who married Juana Lopez and Geronima Barela?

I, Juana Dominguez, resident of this villa, sell more than 260 leagues around to Sgt. Bartolome Lobato, one house with its orchard in said villa, bound by lands of Ysabel Jorge, a lot of Andres Gonzales and the Rio Chiquito, for the price of 90 pesos. Signed for her by Lorenzo de Madrid. August 14, 1701.  Lorenzo de Madrid would be her husband, see below.

If they both sell land to the same guy, are Jose Dominguez and Juana Dominguez, brother and sister and did they inherit this land?

"In 1697 Lorenzo got into trouble with civil and church authorities for supposedly living in concubinage with a widow, Juana Domínguez; both parties denied the charges, especially Lorenzo, who boasted of his years and honors as oldest living Conquistador of the Kingdom. But when he made his last will in 1715, this same Juana Domínguez was his third wife, old Ana (Almazan) having died in the meantime." Chavez, Fray Angelico (2011-09-20). Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period (Kindle Locations 9568-9572). Museum of New Mexico Press. Kindle Edition.

1707, June 9 (no. 3), Santa Fe.  Maes de Campo Lorenzo Madrid and Juana Dominguez, widow. she stated that she had reared a Maria Dominguez, d. of Magdalena Domingues, after latter died; latter was a captive (of 1680) who had been rescued at Taos (1692).  -- Witnesses:  Pedro Guillen, soldier, who states that groom is not related to any of the above Dominguez women, all found captives at Taos, and which Ayudante Jose Dominguez also knows to be true.  Pair married, July 10, 1707, with witnesses Antonio Godines and wife Maria Dominguez.

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