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Joaquin Montoya maried to Lorenza Garcia

I'm trying to figure out who this Joaquin's parents are.  I have them married in Santa Fe on April 17 1797.  The marriage record reads - Jose Joachin Montoya with Maria Lorenza Garcia de Noriega, padrinos, Miguel Ortiz and Maria Ysabel Baca, groom had a certificate from his pastor.

They are in the Jemez Baptisms as padrinos several times and it states they are from Cañones.  I found three children for them.  One Ludovia Montoya who married Jose Fernando Ortiz.  Then two twin boys baptized in Jemez on April 4, 1800, their names are Jesus Maria Montoya and Jose Montoya.  The padrino for the twins was Juan Jose Gutierres. They probably have more kids, I just haven't focused on that part yet.

As for Maria Lorenza de los Dolores Garcia, she is baptized at Sandia Mission on February 16, 1785 and daughter of a Soldier and Interpreter, Francisco Xavier Garcia de Noriega and Maria de Jesus Aranda Saavedra.

1. The certificate from his pastor means he wasn't from the Santa Fe parish.  So he had to prove he'd been baptized, but where?
2. The fact that other men  from the Cañon de San Diego Land Grant named Montoya's could be his relatives in some way.  They are a) Bartolome Montoya who married Ysidora Garcia de Noriega - his parents are Antonio Montoya and Ynez Baca.  Then there is b) Tomas Montoya married to Barbara Gonzales - he's the son of Nerio Antonio Montoya and Francisca Abeyta.  c) Nicolas Montoya married to Maria Antonia Baca - he's the son of Antonio Lorenzo Montoya and Ana Maria Chavez.  d) a Dolores Montoya who married Juan Jose Gutierrez, not sure who she is, but he could be the padrinos for the twins.

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  1. Bartolome Montoya is the brother of Antonio Lorenzo Montoya. Nicolas and Dolores Montoya are children of Antonio Lorenzo Montoya & Ana Maria Chaves. I don't know who Nerio Montoya is though.

  2. Still looking for these people and probably will for a long time. Thanks for your input.

  3. Jose Joaquin is my 4th great grandfather. They also had a son named Jose Ignacio Montoya baptized Jemez on 7 Feb 1802. Joaquin lived to be quite old – I found him in the 1860 census still alive at 91 years. I’m working with another researcher who believes that Joaquin’s father is either: Nero Montoya (as mentioned in your piece – with a brother named Tomas); or Paulin Antonio Tamaris Montoya (1742-1808). He believes that Paulin was adopted by Antonio Montoya (mother Ygnez Baca). There is no paper trail for this – just best guesses. Jose Joaquin is definitely my brick wall.