Saturday, November 10, 2012

Antonio Dominguez - Santa Fe (1715-1795)

I'm trying to find yet another missing family connection from the post de Vargas era of Santa Fe.  That of Antonio Dominguez.  I decided to try and use land records, their neighbors and any other documents I can find to work through this.

In 1742, an Antonio Dominguez requested a land grant from Governor Gaspar Domingo de Mendoza which was uncultivated and forest land on the other side of the river (not the plaza side).  His neighbors are to the north, Luis de Armenta, south, an arroyo called Los Pinos, to the east the road to an ojito (small spring) and west the road to Pecos. Antonio Dominguez signed his name and rubric.

On August 14 1742, the Captain Antonio Ulibarri, the alcalde mayor of Santa Fe, went to the lands with Antonio Dominguez and placed him in possession of said lands.  Ulibarri took him by the hand and walked around the said lands, where he pulled grass, cast stones and in a loud voice shouted "Long Live Our Lord, the King, don Felipe V, May God preserve for a thousand years."

As with any land document his witnesses were Juan de Arguello, Luis de Armenta, Francisco Rendon and Leonardo Gonzales. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 239

Things to do, make note of 1) Luis Armenta, 2) find map and see who neighbors are, 3) he was about 27 years old when he asked for the land, where is he living prior to this?

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