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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1814

1814 Burials

On January 28, 1814, buried Juan Domingo Blanco, Indian adult 46 years old and married to Apolonia Bernal.

On January 28, 1814, buried Faustin Montoya, Indian adult 30 years old, married to Maria del Carmen Sanchez.

On March 31, 1814, buried Juan Christobal son of Antonio Romero and Maria Antonia Gomez; español, just born and received the holy water.

On May 4, 1814, buried Bicente Romero, español 56 years old, widower of Josefa Ruybal.

On April 20, 1814 buried Juan Leon, parvulo 12 days old, legitimate son of Felipe de Herrera and Maria Rita Bustos. (frame 339, Pg. 29)

On June 1, 1814, buried Maria Romero, española adult 48 single daughter of Getrudis Romero, deceased.

On November 2, 1814, buried Pedro Duran, adult 40 years and single son of Francisco Xavier Duran and Maria Lujan.

On November 8, 1814, buried Juana Ruybal, Indian adult and 60 years old, widow of Josef Trujillo.

On November 13, 1814, buried Jose Domingo, single son of Alexo Mestas and Juana Chaves, 15 years old, all Indians of this pueblo. (frame 340, Pg. 28)

1814 Marriages

At San Ildefonso, on October 1, 1814, married and veiled Josef Maria Lujan, español single legitimate son of Juan Josef Lujan and Antonia Getrudis Ortega, vecinos of la Cañada with Maria Ygnes Garcia, española single legitimate daughter of Francisco Garcia and Maria Getrudis Duran, vecinos of Pojoaque; wit/ Francisco Gonzales, Antonio Lucero, Ygnacio Roybal and Pablo Herrera.

On Novebmer 7, 1814, married and veiled Pedro Antonio Jacinto de Ocaña, single legitimate son of Juan Baptista de Ocaña and Maria de la Cruz Tellez, both deceased and vecinos of Santa Fe with Maria Manuela Espinosa, single legitimate daughter of Simon Espinosa, deceased and Maria Ygnacia Martin, vecinos of Cuyamungue; wit/ Andres Ruybal, Josef Antonio Lujan, Mariano Gomez and Christobal Gallego.  (48)

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