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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1811

1811 Burials

On May 9, 1811, buried Maria del Refugio, three months old.  (336)

1811 Marriages

On April 21, 1811, married and veiled Jose Miguel, 21 years old, son of Juan Domingo Valdes, deceased and Maria Andrea Lucero, vecinos of Cuyamungue, with Maria Soledad Romero, daughter of Matias Romero, deceased and Maria Manuela Ruival, jurisdiction of Pojoaque; witnesses: Santiago Gonzales, 32 and Maria de Abila, 30 years old.

On June 25, 1811, married and veiled, Juan Domingo son of Juan with Maria Felipa daughter of Santiago, deceased and Juana Martin; witnesses:  the sacristan. (46)

References:  AASF Pojoaque Burials #37, Marriages LDS #16870
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