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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1810

1810 Burials

On June 12, 1810, buried Maria Pacheco, española, 90 years old.

On June 20, 1810, buried Lugarda (Romero), wife of Juan (Francisco) Trujillo. 

On July 2, 1810, buried, Mariano, 80 years old and was married to Andrea. Note: This is likely Manuel Mariano Trujillo who married Andrea Lucero at Nambe on November 1797.  [336]

1810 Marriages

Undated, and the two marriages.

I married and veiled Jose Maria Trugillo, adopted son of Juan Estevan Gomes and Josefa Trugillo with Josefa Gurule daughter of Martin Gurule and Maria Angela Aragon; wit/ Pedro Vejil and Juan de la Cruz Archuleta and I signed on the eighth day of said month and year. 

Married, Juan Luis Ortiz, son of Gaspar Ortiz and Francisca Martin, deceased and vecinos of Pojoaque, with Maria de la Cruz Alari and vecina of the villa of Santa Fe, daughter of Jose Antonio Alari and Rosa Sandoval; wit/ alcalde Campos and Julian Quintana. (45)  In the Santa Fe Marriages they are married on May 1, 1810.

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