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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1807

1807 Burials

On March 29, 1807, buried Ysidro, Indian.

On April 3, 1807, buried Maria Juana, parvula, daughter of Diego Antonio Zalazar and Maria Romero, vecina.

On July 16, 1807, buried Juana Gertrudis Romero, wife of Jose Antonio Medina, vecina.

On November 19, 1807, buried Juan de Jesus, parvulo, son of Juan Cristoval and Juana Maria, Indians of the pueblo.

On November 25, 1807, buried Maria Rosa Medina, wife of Jose Antonio Espinosa, vecina. [334]

1807 Marriages 

On April 22, 1807, married and veiled Jose Antonio Espinosa, widower with Maria Silveria Archuleta, single daughter of Cristoval Archuleta and Josefa Gallego; wit/ Jose Antonio Medina and Matias Romero.

On May 21, 1807, married and veiled Jose Faustin, single son of don Gaspar Ortis and doña Franicsca Martin with Maria Barbara Quintana, daughter of don Julian Quintana and doña Maria de Jesus Lucero; wit/ Bartolo Trugillo and Jose Cristoval Gonzales, vecinos. (44)

References:  AASF Pojoaque Burials #37 , Marriages LDS #16870
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