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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1805

1805 Burials

On January 25, 1805, buried Martin Zacarias, parvulo, son of Jose Maria Espinosa and Maria Cresponia Romero.

On Apribl 1, 1805, buried Juaquin Chilage, widower and Indian.

On April 20, 1805, buried Conrado, parvulo, son of Manuela.

On April 20, 1805, buried Ysabel Duran, widow of Juan Antonio Gonzales.

On April 29, 1805, buried Maria Juliana, parvula, daughter of Antonio Trujillo and Maria Juana Sanches.

On May 2, 1805, buried Francisca del Carmen, daughter of Jose Miguela and Manuela.

On May 7, 1805, buried Maria Estefana, parvula daughter of Jose Domingo and Catarina.

On May 9, 1805, buried, Manuela, parvula daughter of Antonio and Maria Vitoria.

On May 12, 1805, buried, Jose Santiago, parvulo son of Cristoval and Juana Maria.

On May 23, 1805, buried Jose Domingo, parvulo son of Jose Trujillo and Juana.

On May 19, 1805, buried Juana Felipa, daughter of Lorenzo Cordova and Rafaela Trugillo, vecina.

On May 23, 1805, buried Maria de la Luz, parvula daughter of Miguel Trugillo and Maria Romero.

On August 9, 1805, buried Antonio Muni, Indian and married to Maria Vitoria. [333]

1805 Marriages 

On February 10, 1805, married and veiled Manuel Antonio Sanchez, single son of Vicente Sanches and Maria de Jesus Marg Cachaton with Catarina daughter of Incarnacion Acuña and Juana Maria, all from the Pueblo; wit/ the one who signed.

On July 27, 1805, married Francisco Tomas widow of Maria of Nambe, with Maria Manuela, widow, Indian of Pojoaque; wit/ the one who signed. (42)

On November 10, 1805, married and veiled Jose Manuel Ruival, single son of Ygnacio Ruival and Maria Manuela Luzero, vecinos of San Ildefonso with Maria Josefa Trugillo, single daughter of Mariano Trujillo and Maria Teodora Baca; wit/ Pedro Duran and Jose Miguel Gonzales and padrinos were Matias Romero and Maria Manuela Ruival.

On November 17, 1805, married Juan Cruz, Indian single from Pojoaque Pueblo with Maria Olaya, Indian; wit/ Indians of the pueblo.

On November 20, 1805, married and veiled Diego Antonio Baldes single son of Juan Domingo Baldes, deceased and Maria Andrea Lucero with Maria Guadalupe Romero, single daughter of Matias Romero and Maria Manuela Ruibal; wit/ Mariano Trugillo 50, and  Bartolo Trujillo, 45.  (43)

References:  AASF Pojoaque Burials #37 , Marriages LDS #16870
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