Monday, October 1, 2012

1800 Pojoaque Marriages

There were only four marriages noted for Pojoaque in the year of 1800.  I posted one last week and here are the other three.

On October 25, 1800, married and veiled Juan Bautista Trugillo, legitimate son of Miguel Trugillo and Teodora Beita, with Maria Josefa, daughter of unknown parents; witnesses:  Paulin Martin and Julian Quintana.  [This is somewhat different than the San Ildefonso entry, which states his mother as Teodora Baca and the bride as Josefa Roibal and the witnesses were different]

On November 17, 1800, Lorenzo Cordova, single legitimate son of Antonio Abad Cordova and Juliana Torres, vecinos del Quemado with Maria Rafaela Trujillo daughter of Mariano Trugillo and Maria Teodora Baca; witnesses:  Paulin Martin and Julian Quintana. [So this and the first record imply brother and sister marrying on the same day]

On November 19, 1800, Juan Jose Garcia single, legitimate son of Francisco Estevan Garcia and Clara Martin natives of Santa Fe, with Josefa Romero, daughter of Matias Romero and Paula Trugillo, both deceased; witnesses:  Antonio Quintana and Paula Espinosa.  [Francisco Garcia and Clara Martin married in Santa Fe on October 26, 1778]

References:  AASF, Film #16870 Pojoaque, NM Marriages
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