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Sandia Burials, 1824-1855

This is the last of what I found in the Sandia Burials.  I suggest to anyone who has family or needs to find missing records to look at the film -  I do know that I did not catch everyone.  These are all surnames I have in my database and I'm more apt to jot their information on paper than ones I don't recognize. By this time, my San Miguel del Bado ancestors had already moved, I was hoping they might have come back a few times to the Bernalillo area, but it doesn't appear so for my family.

Burials at Sandia Mission:

October 1824, Diego Chavez married to Juliana Montoya.

October 26, 1824, Bartolome Chavez married to Maria Guadalupe Archibeque, from Angostura.

December 1, 1824, Juan Domingo Archibeque, 66 years old, married to Maria Josefa Gallegos. (828)

December 7, 1825, Vicente Montoya, a purchased Comanche Indian, married to Maria Concepcion Garcia.

February 7, 1825, Maria Gregoria Telles Giron, about 80 years widow of Vicente Lobato. (829)

May 16, 1825, don Jose Manuel Aragon, widow of doña Barbara Duran y Chavez.

May 28, 1825, Antonia Agustina Gutierrez married to Lorenzo Griego, from Algodones. (830)

March 21, 1826, Juan Seberiano, 5 months old, son of Ygnacio Miera and Quiteria Rael, from Alameda. (837)

May 6, 1826, Maria Jesus Martinez, daughter of Salvador Martinez and Maria Gutierrez, married to Diego Antonio Montoya, from Bernalillo.  (838)

December 8, 1845, don Diego Montoya, in his second nuptials to Maria Marta Gallegos, vecinos of Corrales.  (893)

May 26, 1846, Bernardo Gonzales married to Maria Tomasa Gutierrez, left three living children.

May 27, 1846, Geronimo Gutierrez, in second nuptials with Ana Maria Otero, vecinos of Bernalillo, he left three living children.  (897)

March 11, 1847, Juan Antonio Tenorio, 25 years, natural son of Gertrudis Tenorio of Corrales. (916)

June 6, 1848, Manuela Trujillo, 60 years old, from Bernalillo, widow, left three married children.

June 8, 1848, at this parish of Nuestra Señora de Dolores de Sandia, I the priest don Jose Manuel Gallego, priest of Albuquerque, and in charge of this mission, bury the cadaver of Toribio Salazar, adult of 77 years old, husband of Polonia Gutierres, vecinos of Bernalillo. He left 13 married children and I administered the sacraments. (933)

May 28, 1849, Cristobal Gonzales, 40 and widower, left four married children. (937)

August 22, 1850, Dolores Montoya, 40 years, married to Juan Ramon Gutierrez, Indians. (943)

November 9, 1855, Ygnacio Gallegos, 46 years, married to Maria Rita Baca. (972).

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
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