Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ 1787

On January 12, 1787, Juan Trugillo, married to Barbara Varela, vecinos of Abiquiu; he died at the hands of the enemy - Apache.

On January 16, 1787, Juan Santistevan, married to Francisca Trugillo, vecinos of Belen; he died at the hands of the enemy - Apache.

On January 28, 1787, Maria Rutila Salazar, widow of Felix Martin, vecinos of Corrales.

On March 11, 1787, Petrona, parvula, daughter of Diego Lucero de Godoi and Antonia Armijo.

On March 13, 1787, Francisco, Indian Gileño Apache, married to Catarina Martin, coyota.  (778)

On March 14, 1787, Juan Xptobal, parvulo, one night old, son of Miguel Facundo Santillanes and Victoria Gonzales, vecinos of Corrales.

On April 15, 1787, Gaspar Gonzalez, married to Josefa Martin, vecinos of Alameda.

On August 8, 1787, Juan, parvulo, one day old, son of Antonio Jose Castillo and Quiteria Chaves, legitimately married, parishioners of this parish.

On November 6, 1787, Rafael, parvulo, 3 days old, son of Jose Manuel Velarde and Manuela Perea, legitimately married and parishioners. (779)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
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