Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jemez Marriages 1768-1770

Here are a few more marriages I found that hadn't already been extracted.  Plus there is one record that makes me think the priest might not have been writing down the surnames of people, which means I should go back and recheck the film one more time.

As witnesses for a marriage dated February 10, 1752, the padrinos were Marcos Toribio, español and Maria, collota. (768)  My guess is that Marcos Toribio is Gonzales and I'm not sure who she is?

On December 25, 1768, Jose Martin, legitimate son of Andres Martin and Quiteria Garcia, deceased marrying Maria Ysabel Romero, legitimate daughter of Joseph Romero and Manuela de Luna, all españoles, padrinos were Juachin de Luna and Maria Angela Salazar.  (779)

On July 30, 1770, Pascual Mestas, with Rosa Molina, single, padrinos were Antonio Romero and Antonia de la Cerda, vecinos from Nacimiento. (782)

On August 1, 1770, Mathias Zalazar, widower and marrying Rosa de Luna, single, padrinos were Gaspar Gonzales and Guadalupe Martin. + Antonio Lucero, single marrying Josepha Gonzales, single, padrinos were Bartolo and Luiza Gallego.  (782)

References:  AASF #27, Jemez Mission Marriages
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