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Cañon de San Diego Land Grant ~ 1788

Sometime in January 1788, Francisco (Navajo Interpreter) and Antonio Garcia de Noriega, two brothers, applied for a land grant near Jemez Pueblo.  The alcalde in charge, Antonio de Armenta, eventually put them in possession of the land.  The records indicate that the land grant was later approved and the descendants of Antonio Garcia de Noriega were still living on it during the approval process. (833) These are a few things that I found in this land grant record. 

The Last Will & Testament of Maria Francisca Gutierrez, (b. May 1771) the wife of Antonio Garcia de Noriega, dated July 10, 1798 at Cañon de San Diego.  She tells us who she is married to and their four children who are Maria Rita, Maria Biviana, Maria Antonia and Jose Rafael. (838)

On January 22, 1880, they ask a Nerio Antonio Montoya, age 73, farmer and who is living in Nacimiento some questions.  He claims that Antonio is his grandfather and the papers for the land grant were in his possession the whole time.  His mother, Maria Rita Garcia de Noriega, had them and when she died in 1852, she was residing upon that tract and had been since about 1822.  The papers were continuously in the families hands at all times.  I delivered them to my first cousin, Captain Augustin del Valle with the understanding that he would file them with the U.S. Surveryor Generals Office.  Asked of his father's name, Nerio responded:  Manuel Montoya.  Asked about Francisco Garcia, he did know him as a very young man, but he was killed by the Apaches. (886-887)

Augustin del Valle, 48, carpenter and resides in Bernalillo.  He testifies that Nerio Antonio did indeed give him the papers to file. (887)

 The outline of the heirs follows: 
Antonio Garcia and Maria Francisca Gutierres (1771-1798).
1.  Maria Rita married Manuel Montoya
   a.  Juan Montoya
   b.  Nerio Antonio Montoya, b. 1807
2.  Maria Biviana who died without issue.
3.  Maria Antonia, married Manuel del Valle.
   a.  Augustin del Valle, b. 1832.
   b.  Adelina del Valle.
4.  Rafael Garcia, who left a son.
   a.  Agapito Garcia de Noriega.  He in turn sold to Nerio Montoya and Adelina del Valle in settlement of the estate left to her and her brother, quit claimed to Augustin del Valle all her rights.  Nerio and Juan Montoya quit claimed for the same, to Augustin del Valle.  (898)

References:  SANM Series I, Roll 24, Frame 826-898, SG 122
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