Friday, August 31, 2012

Pojoaque Burials 1788

There don't appear to be that many deaths or burials noted in this year.  I wonder where they might have recorded them?

January 3, 1788, Juanico el mano, Indian and married to Luisa.

March 30, 1788, Juan Antonio, widower of Maria, Indians from Nambe.

April 3, 1788, Maria, adult vuida vieja, old widow; Indian from Pojoaque.

May 8, 1788, Maria de la Luz, Nambe Indian married to Diego.

May 31, 1788, Anna, adult Indian from Nambe, married to Juan Antonio  Largo, Indian from Nambe.

June 2, 1788, Maria Candelaria, Indian from Pojoaque, married to Jose Trujillo.

June 6, 1788, Francisco Ocote, Indian from Nambe, married to Angelina Cuchaya.

August 7, 1788, Miguel Conefo, Indian from Nambe, married to Maria Manuela.

December 21, 1788, Barbara Trujillo, vecina and married to Juan Domingo Borrego. (321)

December 31, 1788, Maria de la Luz, parvula, legitimate daugther of Diego Borrego and Bibiana Sandoval.  (322)

References:  AASF #37 Pojoaque, NM Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pojoaque Burials - 1786 - 1787

Continuing on with Pojoaque Burials:

On June 4, 1786, Juan Galisteo, Indian of this mission, married to Jacinta.

June 4, 1786, Marta, Indian of this mission, married to Jose Trujillo.

June 24, 1786, Domingo Diego, single adult, from Nambe, son of Maria Ana and father unknown.

August 16, 1786, Maria Ysidora, parvula, from Nambe Pueblo, legitimate daughter of Alonso and Antonia Cruz, Indians.

October 27, 1786, Encarnacion Espinosa, married with Juliana Archuleta, vecinos of Cuyamungue.

February 7, 1787, Margarita, parvula, Nambe Indian, legitimate daughter of Juan Diego and Maria de la Luz, Indians. (319)

January 10, 1787, Francisca, widower of Lorenzo, deceased, Indians of this mission.

January 23, 1787, Josefa, single, old lady from Nambe, Indian.

February 5, 1787, Anna Maria, Indian from Pojoaque and said mission; wife of Mathias Reyes.

March 18, 1787, Francisco Xavier, parvulo, Indian of this mission, legitimate son of Lanago Oce and Juana Encarnacion.

July 31, 1787, Maria Concepcion Ocu, adult Indian married to Anores Cafua, of this mission. (320)

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque, NM Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cañon de San Diego Land Grant ~ 1788

Sometime in January 1788, Francisco (Navajo Interpreter) and Antonio Garcia de Noriega, two brothers, applied for a land grant near Jemez Pueblo.  The alcalde in charge, Antonio de Armenta, eventually put them in possession of the land.  The records indicate that the land grant was later approved and the descendants of Antonio Garcia de Noriega were still living on it during the approval process. (833) These are a few things that I found in this land grant record. 

The Last Will & Testament of Maria Francisca Gutierrez, (b. May 1771) the wife of Antonio Garcia de Noriega, dated July 10, 1798 at Cañon de San Diego.  She tells us who she is married to and their four children who are Maria Rita, Maria Biviana, Maria Antonia and Jose Rafael. (838)

On January 22, 1880, they ask a Nerio Antonio Montoya, age 73, farmer and who is living in Nacimiento some questions.  He claims that Antonio is his grandfather and the papers for the land grant were in his possession the whole time.  His mother, Maria Rita Garcia de Noriega, had them and when she died in 1852, she was residing upon that tract and had been since about 1822.  The papers were continuously in the families hands at all times.  I delivered them to my first cousin, Captain Augustin del Valle with the understanding that he would file them with the U.S. Surveryor Generals Office.  Asked of his father's name, Nerio responded:  Manuel Montoya.  Asked about Francisco Garcia, he did know him as a very young man, but he was killed by the Apaches. (886-887)

Augustin del Valle, 48, carpenter and resides in Bernalillo.  He testifies that Nerio Antonio did indeed give him the papers to file. (887)

 The outline of the heirs follows: 
Antonio Garcia and Maria Francisca Gutierres (1771-1798).
1.  Maria Rita married Manuel Montoya
   a.  Juan Montoya
   b.  Nerio Antonio Montoya, b. 1807
2.  Maria Biviana who died without issue.
3.  Maria Antonia, married Manuel del Valle.
   a.  Augustin del Valle, b. 1832.
   b.  Adelina del Valle.
4.  Rafael Garcia, who left a son.
   a.  Agapito Garcia de Noriega.  He in turn sold to Nerio Montoya and Adelina del Valle in settlement of the estate left to her and her brother, quit claimed to Augustin del Valle all her rights.  Nerio and Juan Montoya quit claimed for the same, to Augustin del Valle.  (898)

References:  SANM Series I, Roll 24, Frame 826-898, SG 122
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pojoaque Burials, Start of 1786

I need to get back to these, still looking for one of my Mestas families that came out of this area.

On March 3, 1786, buried Maria Theodora Roibal, widow of Fernando Griego, vecinaThis couple married at San Ildefonso on July 29, 1763.  I have one known daughter for them named Maria Gertrudes, born in 1764.

On April 15, 1786, Lorenzo Murga, Indian of this mission, and married to Francisca.

On April 26, 1786, Juan Luis, adult, widower and Indian of this pueblo.

On May 8, 1786, Juan Reyes, Indian, parvulo, from Nambe.

On May 25, 1786, Juan Lorenzo, Indian from Nambe and married to Luciana.  (318)

References:  Pojoaque Burials, AASF #37
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sandia Burials, 1824-1855

This is the last of what I found in the Sandia Burials.  I suggest to anyone who has family or needs to find missing records to look at the film -  I do know that I did not catch everyone.  These are all surnames I have in my database and I'm more apt to jot their information on paper than ones I don't recognize. By this time, my San Miguel del Bado ancestors had already moved, I was hoping they might have come back a few times to the Bernalillo area, but it doesn't appear so for my family.

Burials at Sandia Mission:

October 1824, Diego Chavez married to Juliana Montoya.

October 26, 1824, Bartolome Chavez married to Maria Guadalupe Archibeque, from Angostura.

December 1, 1824, Juan Domingo Archibeque, 66 years old, married to Maria Josefa Gallegos. (828)

December 7, 1825, Vicente Montoya, a purchased Comanche Indian, married to Maria Concepcion Garcia.

February 7, 1825, Maria Gregoria Telles Giron, about 80 years widow of Vicente Lobato. (829)

May 16, 1825, don Jose Manuel Aragon, widow of doña Barbara Duran y Chavez.

May 28, 1825, Antonia Agustina Gutierrez married to Lorenzo Griego, from Algodones. (830)

March 21, 1826, Juan Seberiano, 5 months old, son of Ygnacio Miera and Quiteria Rael, from Alameda. (837)

May 6, 1826, Maria Jesus Martinez, daughter of Salvador Martinez and Maria Gutierrez, married to Diego Antonio Montoya, from Bernalillo.  (838)

December 8, 1845, don Diego Montoya, in his second nuptials to Maria Marta Gallegos, vecinos of Corrales.  (893)

May 26, 1846, Bernardo Gonzales married to Maria Tomasa Gutierrez, left three living children.

May 27, 1846, Geronimo Gutierrez, in second nuptials with Ana Maria Otero, vecinos of Bernalillo, he left three living children.  (897)

March 11, 1847, Juan Antonio Tenorio, 25 years, natural son of Gertrudis Tenorio of Corrales. (916)

June 6, 1848, Manuela Trujillo, 60 years old, from Bernalillo, widow, left three married children.

June 8, 1848, at this parish of Nuestra Señora de Dolores de Sandia, I the priest don Jose Manuel Gallego, priest of Albuquerque, and in charge of this mission, bury the cadaver of Toribio Salazar, adult of 77 years old, husband of Polonia Gutierres, vecinos of Bernalillo. He left 13 married children and I administered the sacraments. (933)

May 28, 1849, Cristobal Gonzales, 40 and widower, left four married children. (937)

August 22, 1850, Dolores Montoya, 40 years, married to Juan Ramon Gutierrez, Indians. (943)

November 9, 1855, Ygnacio Gallegos, 46 years, married to Maria Rita Baca. (972).

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sandia Burials, 1800-1821

More pages of Sandia Burials to clean up. I am hoping they come in handy for others, as I haven't found enough of the people I wanted for my own family genealogy. 

June 23, 1800, Maria Garcia, widow of Mateo Salazar, vecinos of Bernalillo. (796)

November 26, 1800, Joaquin Gutierrez m. Agustina Gonzales, vecinos of Albuquerque. 

October 2, 1801, Antonio Martin married to Barbara Trujillo, from Ojo Caliente. (797)

November 27, 1802, Christoval Gutierrez, married to Maria Antonia Marquez, Corrales.  (798)

The Sandia books appear to have quite a few years missing from about 1801-1810; they may have been ruined or torn out.

January 14, 1810, Maria Manuela Martin, vecina of Corrales, widow of Diego Antonio Montoya. (805)

July 29, 1814, Maria Dolores Angela, 10 years, 4 months old, daughter of Jose Gutierrez and Maria Magdalena Montoya.  (812)

January 3, 1815, Ysidro Montoya married to Maria Antonia Sangil. (813)

April 20, 1815, Josefa Tenorio married to Alonso Rael.

April 21, 1815, Francisca Griega married to Pedro Gutierrez.

August 29, 1815, Francisca Peña married to Joaquin Rael. (814)

October 18, 1817, Jose Antonio Montoya married to Maria Manuela Sanchez. (820)

January 15, 1817, Geronimo Gutierrez married to Maria Salazar. (820)

November 22, 1817, Rosalia Rael married to Jose Marquez.  (821)

June 10, 1818, Diego Lucero married to Maria Antonia Armijo.

July 8, 1818, Rafael Montoya, single and Juan Gurule, single, killed by the Navajo.

September 13, 1818, Francisco Montoya married to Manuela Martin. (822)

May 25, 1819, Maria Manuela Gutierrez married to Andres Romero.  (824)

July 22, 1821 Ventura Salazar married to Maria Valdez.  (826)

May 8, 1821, Rafaela Gurule married to Andres Truxio. (826)

May 10, 1821, Antonio Archibeque married to Getrudes Romero. (827)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sandia Mission Burials 1797-1799

Here are a few more Sandia Burials to fill in the blanks for your genealogies.

On June 11 1797, Antonio Truxillo, was buried, married to Maria Torres.

August 17, 1797, Agustina Truxillo married to Ysidro Romero.

On September 7, 1797, Maria Dolores Marquez, widow of Pasqual Gutierrez. (789)

On October 31, 1797, Juan Francisco Gutierrez was buried, married to Maria Dolores Aranda. (790)

January 11, 1798, Juan Jose Brigido, son of Alonso Rael and Jusepa Tenorio. (791)

April 11, 1798, the three Juana Maria's, daughters of Agustin Archiveque and Maria Manuela Chavez, she is buried along with her two sisters, also named the same, the first one died on the 25 and the second the 28th of March.

April 5, 1798, Maria Victoria, parvula, duaghter of Juan Nepomuceno Gallego and Ana Maria Chavez. (791)

May 2, 1798, Theodora Aragon, adult (792)

November 1798, Jose Antonio Baca y Sanchez, adult of 15 years, son of Mariano Baca and Theresa Sanchez, deceased, from Bernalillo. (792)

April 17, 1799, Jacinto Gutierrez married to Maria Andrea Baca, vecinos of Bernalillo.

May 5, 1799, Maria Agueda de Jesus Trujillo married to Christoval de los Dolores Hurtado, from Corrales. (793)

August 29, 1799, Juan Antonio Salazar, adult, son of Ventura Salazar and Barvara Antonia Nieto, vecinos of Bernalillo.  (794)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sandia and San Felipe Marriages

At Sandia Mission, on November 26, 1776, married and veiled, Nicolas Martin and Maria Antonia, criados and vesinos of Corrales, padrinos were Juan Antonio Mirabal and his wife, Guadalupe Cordoba with Ysidro Romero, vecinos of the same puesto. I find Maria Antonia as a Salazar in records when they are having children.

San Felipe Mission:

September 17, 1767, veiled Pedro Gutierrez and his wife Rosalia Hurtado, see Origins of New Mexico Families, page 195. (841)

On October 4, 1767, veiled Abert Montoya and his wife, Polonia Dominguez.  (841)

On June 9, 1769, married and veiled Francisco Xavier de Aragon with Barbara Gutierrez, españoles, vecinos of la Guerta, witnesses for this celebration were Jacinto Gutierrez and Andrea Baca. [this is the first record I have seen for Las Huertas] (842-843)

On April 28, 1771, Juan Baupta, español, natural son of Rosa Valdez, deceased with Maria de las Nieves, legitimate daughter of Joseph Martinez and Josepha Romero, españoles, witnesses: Ygnacio Gallega and Maria Valdez. (844-45)

On August 30, 1772, Juan Luis Tiburcio, widower of Rosa Samora, with Maria Antonia Sanchez, genizara. (848)

On April 24, 1774, Juan Antonio Pacheco, indio, legitimate son of Silvestre and of Anica with Manuela Gonzales, india of Ysleta, padrinos were Bartolome Padilla and Barbara Gallego.

On May 7, 1774, married Juana, widow with Juan Diego Castiso, widower, witnesses:  Albert Montoya and Polonia Gomes Valdez, and Simon Nieto with Juana, widow, also married.  (852)

On June 3, 1774, Antonio Armixo, español, son of Torivio Armigo and Ysidora de Analla, with Barbara Antonia, española, daughter of Joseph Duran y Chaves and Maria Antonia Gurulem, deceased, padrinos:  Bartolome Padilla and Maria Francisca Tafoya. (852)

References:  AASF #28, Sandia Mission and San Felipe Mission Marriages
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sandia Burials 1795-1796

Back to Sandia Burials -

February 20, 1795, buried Barbara Antonia, daughter of Juan Domingo Montoya and Juana Maria Valencia.

April 7, 1795, don Nereo Antonio Montoya married to Maria Manuela Sanchez.

August 30, 1795, Jose Antonio, son of Jose Mariano Gallego and Theodora Romero.

February 24, 1796, Maria Antonia, parvula, daughter of Rafael Nieto and Maria Getrudis Salazar.

June 8, 1796, Francisco Apodaca married to Altagracia Lucero. (788)

September 25, 1796, Juan Matias, son of Pedro Ascencio Perea and Josefa Velarde.

November 20, 1796, Maria Soledad, daughter of Miguel Salazar and Febronia Gurule.  (789)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Santa Ana Burials 1735, 1740

It could be that the same priest in Jemez was not using surnames either.  Ran across these two burials, one of which I needed to fill in some gaps in my database of Gallegos.

On July 29, 1735, buried Juan Manuel (no surname), español, about 40 years of age, and was married to Catharina Gutierrez.  (214)

On May 13, 1740, buried Nicolas Gallego, español, about 40 years of age, married to Sabel Xaramillo.  (219)  This couple was married in 1734 at Albuquerque and I have one child for them after he is buried; Josefa who married Domingo Griego.  I used her age from the diligencia, could she have been off five years in citing her age?   

References:  AASF #36, Santa Ana Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jemez Marriages 1768-1770

Here are a few more marriages I found that hadn't already been extracted.  Plus there is one record that makes me think the priest might not have been writing down the surnames of people, which means I should go back and recheck the film one more time.

As witnesses for a marriage dated February 10, 1752, the padrinos were Marcos Toribio, español and Maria, collota. (768)  My guess is that Marcos Toribio is Gonzales and I'm not sure who she is?

On December 25, 1768, Jose Martin, legitimate son of Andres Martin and Quiteria Garcia, deceased marrying Maria Ysabel Romero, legitimate daughter of Joseph Romero and Manuela de Luna, all españoles, padrinos were Juachin de Luna and Maria Angela Salazar.  (779)

On July 30, 1770, Pascual Mestas, with Rosa Molina, single, padrinos were Antonio Romero and Antonia de la Cerda, vecinos from Nacimiento. (782)

On August 1, 1770, Mathias Zalazar, widower and marrying Rosa de Luna, single, padrinos were Gaspar Gonzales and Guadalupe Martin. + Antonio Lucero, single marrying Josepha Gonzales, single, padrinos were Bartolo and Luiza Gallego.  (782)

References:  AASF #27, Jemez Mission Marriages
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cochiti Marriages, 1776

Well my love for looking at film has paid off recently.  I have been looking for more on both of these families for a very long time, and it just amazes me what you can find if you go frame by frame.  My good friend Luis did many extractions long ago, by himself no less; and he did a great job.  But as I keep telling myself, check the film and that is what I urge everyone else to do.  None of these solve my dead ends or brick walls, but they fill in some blanks.

At Cochiti:

On October 7, 1776, Antonio Felis Luxan, son of Joseph Luxan and Antonia Esquibel, from the villa of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, with Theodora Romero, daughter of Miguel Romero, deceased and Rosa Montolla, both single; witnesses:  Miguel Maez, Nicolasa Lujan. (007) 

On October 7, 1776, Joseph Maria Maez, single, son of Marcial Maez, deceased and Rosalia Abeyta with Maria Rosa Barela, daughter of Juan de Dios Barela and Pascuala Garcia; witnesses:  Antonio Maese, son of Marcial Maeze and Rosalia Abeyta and his wife, Barbara Santistevan, daughter of Juan Santistevan, deceased and Francisca Valerio Martin. (008)

The witnesses in this case confirm a relationship I haven't been able to find, that of Antonio Maese and tying him to Marcial, his father.  Although, this isn't a marriage record, the fact that the priest wrote the relationship down was enough for me to make that connection.

References:  AASF Roll #27, Cochiti Mission Marriages
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Monday, August 13, 2012

Marriages in Cochiti 1782-

Again, I keep telling myself, Cochiti must have been the place to get married in the late 1700s.   I keep finding Pojoaque, Tesuque and Santa Cruz people getting married not that far from home, but far enough.

On February 27, 1782, Benito Lucero, español single, legitimate son of Antonio Lucero and Ana Maria Santisteban Coronel, deceased with Maria Felipa Duran, single española of Pojoaque, legitimate daughter of Miguel Duran and Maria Josefa Lujan - witnesses:  Cayetano Montaño and Pedro Antonio Truxillo.  (027)

This Duran family had another daughter that married on January 27, 1782 at Cochiti to an Antonio Lucero on January 27, 1782; one month apart.  I think maybe, rechecking the film might be helpful to make sure it wasn't a double ceremony on the same date.

On January 15, 1792, Lucas Aragon, single español and legitimate son of Vizente Aragon, deceased with Maria Rosa Gutierres, with Barbara Antonia Apodaca, legitimate daughter of Miguel Apodaca and Antonia Montoya, españoles; witnesses:  Jose Urban Montaño and Manuel Loreto Luzero. (063-064)

Rosa Gutierres remarried to a Nicolas Apodaca in 1782, his parents are noted in that marriage record.  The Miguel Apodaca mentioned in the marriage above, I do not have parents for and there might be a diligencia some place that would show some kind of affinity for Barbara Antonia when she weds?  Sort of a long-shot, but worth checking if this is your family.

On August 14, 1795, Francisco Ruibal, genizaro, legitimate son of Alexandro Ruibal and Maria Vegil, with Cristina Raguaya, Indian, witnesses:  Francisco Ubachini and Juan Gomes. (086)

On May 1, 1796, Jose Manuel Suazo, legitimate son of Juan Phelipe Suazo and Maria Rosa Chavez, Indian naturales of Tesuque, with Maria Antonia Saquitz, single legitimate daughter of Juaquin Sistiqua, deceased and Barbara Cayotiya, Indios naturales from Cochiti. (094)

References:  AASF Roll #27, Cochiti Mission Marriages
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jemez Marriages 1770-1771

I found these when I was going back through the film and realized that somehow I hadn't captured them the first time.

On August 7, 1770, married and veiled, Miguel Sandobal, widower of Olaya Giron with Maria Kandelaria, single, padrinos were Antonio Martin and Rita Zalazar. (782)

Note:  Is this the same woman as Maria Candelaria Lucero, who has children getting married in Picuris?  There is a couple with the same names that are from Santa Clara area.

On October 28, 1771, married Juan Ygnacio Romero, widower of Marta Salazar with Maria de la Encarnacion Lucero, single, witnesses:  Pedro Sisneros, 42, Marcos Archuleta, 35, Joseph Gallegos, 30, padrinos were Bernabel Gallego and Anna Maria Herrera.

References:  AASF Roll #27, Jemez Marriages
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sandia Burials Additional Entries 1791-1794

Burials noted on the following dates:

February 17, 1791, burial of Maria Francisca Herrera wife of Vicente Rodrigues.

March 26 1791, Ventura Romero married to Rosa Garcia.

May 29, 1792, Ana Rosa Gurule, married to Jose Manuel Muñis. (784)

April 13, 1793, Juan Cristoval, parbulo son of Miguel Salazar and Febronia Gurule. (785)

July 12, 1793, Maria Librada Bonifacia Martinez, daughter of Antonio Martinez and Ana Teresa de Jesus Gutierrez.

August 18, 1793, Jose Antonio Matias, son of Pablo Martin and Lucia Gallego.

December 7, 1793, Margarita Montoya married to Jose Antonio Montoya. (786)

December 7, 1793, Juliana, daughter of Miguel Nieto and Maria Dolores Salazar.

March 15, 1794, Juana Andrea, daughter of Jose Manuel Velarde and Maria Manuela Perea.

September 8, 1794, Christoval Gutierrez married to Maria Manuela Valdez, from Albuquerque.

References:  AASF Roll #36, Sandia Burials

©Henrietta M. Christmas

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ 1789

On March 3, 1789, Guadalupe Gallegos, one year old more or less, daughter of Juan Antonio Gallegos and Maria Antonia Montoya, coyotes.

On April 7, 1789, Barbara Antonia, daughter of Cristobal Gurule and Juana, coyotes, legitimately married, parishioners.

On May 22, 1789, Vicente Lobato married to Gregoria Telles, Bernalillo.

On August 2, 1789, Maria Aragon, married to Juan Angel Lobato.

On December 6, 1789, Maria Angela Aragon, married to Martin Gurule, Bernalillo. (782)

No burials for 1790.

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ 1788

On January 20, 1788, Felipe, son of Diego Lucero and Juliana Gurule, one year old, couple legitimately married.

On April 22, 1788, Manuel, parvulo, four years old, son of Marcos Coca and Antonia Gonzales, coyotes, legitimately married. (779)

On April 23, 1788, Sebastiana Ortega, mestiza, married to Diego Montoya, coyote, legitimate married.

On May 22, 1788, Miguel Antonio, parvulo, nine months old, son of Marcos Coca and Antonia Gonzales, coyotes, legitimately married.

On June 6, 1788, Agustina, coyota, married to Joaquin (vulgo Juachimillo), genizaro, legitimately married of this parish; about 30 years old.

On September 10, 1788, Jose Miguel, two days old, son of Jose Manuel Velarde and Manuela Perea, legitimately married.

On September 10, 1788, Maria Antonia Montoya, coyota, legitimately married to Juan Antonio Gallegos, genizaro, parishioners of this jurisdiction; about 40 years old.

On September 13, 1788, Juan Jose, five months old, natural son of Catarina Martinez, widow of Francisco (Apache, but Christianized), legitimately married. (780)

On September 16, 1788, the following were buried:  Manuel Mora, single; Pablo Trugillo, single; Cristobal Aragon, single - parishioners of this parish; and lastly, Feliciano Aragon, coyote, parishioner of Albuquerque.  They died at the puesto of Alameda, jurisdiction of Sandia, at the hands of the Gileño Apache.

On October 2, 1788, Jose Antonio, parvulo, about two months old, son of unknown parents.

On October 23, 1788, Bernardina Montoya, coyota, doncella, about 28 years old.

On December 15, 1788, Antonio Sedillo, married to Gregoria Gonzalez, he must have died accidentally, they had summoned me since the 12th.  He was very old, deaf and more than 80 years old; he is buried in the chapel at Alameda.  (781)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ 1787

On January 12, 1787, Juan Trugillo, married to Barbara Varela, vecinos of Abiquiu; he died at the hands of the enemy - Apache.

On January 16, 1787, Juan Santistevan, married to Francisca Trugillo, vecinos of Belen; he died at the hands of the enemy - Apache.

On January 28, 1787, Maria Rutila Salazar, widow of Felix Martin, vecinos of Corrales.

On March 11, 1787, Petrona, parvula, daughter of Diego Lucero de Godoi and Antonia Armijo.

On March 13, 1787, Francisco, Indian Gileño Apache, married to Catarina Martin, coyota.  (778)

On March 14, 1787, Juan Xptobal, parvulo, one night old, son of Miguel Facundo Santillanes and Victoria Gonzales, vecinos of Corrales.

On April 15, 1787, Gaspar Gonzalez, married to Josefa Martin, vecinos of Alameda.

On August 8, 1787, Juan, parvulo, one day old, son of Antonio Jose Castillo and Quiteria Chaves, legitimately married, parishioners of this parish.

On November 6, 1787, Rafael, parvulo, 3 days old, son of Jose Manuel Velarde and Manuela Perea, legitimately married and parishioners. (779)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sandia Burials ~ 1786

On January 18, 1786, Antonio Margil Montoya, mestizo, married to Maria Cypriana Cordova, vecinos of this jurisdiction; he was 28 years old, leaving one child.

On March 30, 1786, Antonio, Indian, criado of the Comanche Nation, single adult; 70 years old and he died suddenly.

On July 8, 1786, Maria Antonia, Indian criada of the Comanche Nation; she was buried and was about 50 years old, from Alameda.

On September 9, 1786, Jose Francisco, parvulo, son of Joaquin Salazar and Augstina Garcia, coyotes, from Corrales.

On December 18, 1786, Jose Antonio, parvulo, son of Andres Romero and Manuela Gutierres, vecinos of Bernalillo. (777)

References:  AASF #36, Sandia Mission Burials
©Henrietta M. Christmas