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Sandia Burials ~ February 17- 26, 1781

On February 17, 1781, Maria Eulalia, parvula daughter of Miguel Lucero and Maria de la Luz Gonzales, vecinos of Corrales. She is likely the one born on February 20, 1780, baptized at Sandia.

On February 17, 1781, Guadalupe, coyota parvula and criada of Xptal Salazar, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 18, 1781, Maria Ysavel, parvula daughter of Juan Bernal and Mariana Armijo, vecinos of Corrales.  She is likely baptized on December 16, 1780 at Sandia Mission.

On February 19, 1781, Pablo Martinez, single, nephew of Nicolas Martinez, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 20, 1781, Ana de Luna, widow of Jph Garcia de Noriega, vecinos of Alameda.  This could be the couple who married on December 27, 1729 at Bernalillo.

On February 21, 1781, Vicente Armijo, married to Margarita Martinez, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 21, 1781, Maria Juliana, parvula, daughter of Luis Garcia and Guadalupe Gamboa, vecinos of Alameda. She may be the person born on February 16, 1780 at Sandia.     (763-31)

On February 21, 1781, Juan Rael, parvulo, son of Francisco Antonio, meztizo, vecinos of Alameda.

On February 25, 1781, Juan Francisco, parvulo, son of Manuel Gonzales and Torivia Armijo, parishioners of this church, vecinos of Corrales.

On February 25, 1781, Miguel Santiago, parvulo, son of Bernardo de Luna and Catalina Lucero, vecinos of of Alameda.

On February 26, 1781, Maria Jpha, donzella, daughter of Guadalupe Martin, widow, vecinos of Alameda. (764-32)

Here ends February 1781 burials documented at Sandia Mission.

References:  AASF Reel #36, Sandia Mission

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