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Sandia Burials 1781

Let's keep going here with these, maybe someone else can use this information.  Burial records can generally bring closure to the family group, as many people remarried, it helps with the timeline.  These burials are all from Sandia Mission and include people from Alameda, Bernalillo, Corrales and the Pueblo.

Barvara Gallegos, January 7, 1781, married to Bernardo Sanchez, vecinos of Bernalillo, signed the 6th.

Bernardo Balverde, January 7, 1781, single, from this jurisdiction, he died on the 6th.

Maria Gallego, January 7, 1781, married to Juan Diego Romero, vecinos from Bernalillo, buried on the 8th.

Maria Paula Sanchez, January 12, 1781, age 11, vecina from Bernalillo (753)

Maria Antonia, January 12, 1781, parvula, 5 years old, she died in Bernalillo in the house of Juan Roque Gallegos, on the 11th. 

Pasqual Garcia, January 13, 1781, married to Getrudis Gonzales, buried the 14th at Sandia Church.

Maria Antonia, parvula, January 14, 1781, daughter of Jph Mariano Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Margarita Garcia, January 16, 1781, married to Pedro Gallego, vecina of Bernalillo.

Juan Domingo Nieto, January 16, 1781, single, vecino from Bernalillo, buried on the 17th. (754)

Maria Loreta Gonzales, January 18 1781, married to Mariano Perea, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Antonia, January 18, 1781, Indian servant of Julian Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo; she was 10 years old.

Jacoba Michaela, January 19, 1781, parvula, daughter of Jph Manuel Belarde, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Teresa Valverde, January 19, 1781, married to Antonio Sedio, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Dolores Madrid, January 20, 1781, married to Jph Mariano Gallego, vecinos of Bernalillo.

Maria Getrudis Balverde, January 20, 1781, parvula.   (755)

Maria Agustina Ortega, January 22, 1781, married to Pedro Balverde, from Corrales.

Luys Garcia de Noriega, January 21, 1781, married to Antonia Xaramillo, he died at Alameda, where he received the last sacraments.

Viviana, January 22, 1781, doncella, 9 years old, she died at Alameda suddenly and was 21 years old.

 Maria Guadalupe, January 25, 1781, Indian servant of Jacinto Gutierrez, she died in Bernalillo on the 24th.

Antonio Thomas Manuel, January 25, 1781, parvulo, son of Mariano Perea, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Rosa, January 26, 1781, single, Indian servant of Mariano Varela, vecinos from Bernalillo. (756)

Santiago Gallego, January 26, parvulo, he died at Bernalillo.

Maria Manuela, January 28, 1781, parvula, daughter of Bentura Salazar, vecinos from Bernalillo.

 Juan Lorenzo Antonio, January 28, 1781, parvulo, son of Pedro Asencio Perea, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Manuela de la Cruz, January 28, 1781, parvula, mestiza, in the house of Mariano Varela, vecinos from Bernalillo.

Maria Dolores Gonzales, January 28, 1781, doncella, daughter of Gaspar Gonzales, vecinos from Alameda. 

Salvador Blas Nepomuceno, January 30, 1781, parvulo, son of Jph Armijo, parishioners of this jurisdiction, he died at Alameda.

Maria Antonia, January 30, 1781, adult from the Comanche Nation, of Pedro Gallego, vecinos from Bernalillo.  Margin says she was purchased. (757)

Jph Mariano Gallego, January 30, 1781, widower of Ana Maria Dolores Madrid, vecinos from Bernalillo. (758)

References:  AASF, 36, Sandia Mission Burials, 1771-1829
Henrietta M. Christmas

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