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Sandia Burials 1772-1780

I was hoping that a whole bunch of people I am looking for would show up here, so far it isn't working out.  But it is nice to share information.

Bentura Olguin, May 22, 1771 married to Ysabel Candelaria, buried in the Sandia Church.

Salvador Manuel Armijo, February 13, 1773, buried at Sandia on February 14. (740)

Joseph Bibian, March 26, 1773, parbulo, legitimate son of Felis Martin and Maria Teresa de Salazar.

Antonio Domingo Archiveque, October 7, 1773, married to Prudencia Gomez del Castillo, buried in the Sandia Church, signed the 8th. (741)

Rosa Miranda, January 7, 1774, married to Xavier Gutierrez, buried at the Sandia church, signed on the 8th.

don Carlos Mirabal, June 22, 1774, who died suddenly, buried in the church of Sandia, signed the 23rd.

Antonio Nieto, December 7, 1774, married to Maria Antonia Gonzales, buried in the church. (742)

Cathalina Padilla, December 26, 1774, collota, widow of Manuel Garcia, buried in the church.

Lazaro Garcia, March 3, 1775, who died at the hands of the Comanche, married to Barbara Olguin, buried in the church and signed on the 5th.  (743)

Christoval Montoya, December 25, 1779, widower, buried on the 27th in the church. (746)

Salvador Gonzales, June 25, 1780, single, signed 26th, buried in the church.

Bernardo Duran y Chavez, June 29, 1780, widower, buried in the church. (748)

Barvara Miranda, July 14, 1780, mestiza, married to Joseph Montoya. (749)

Joseph Gonzales, August 17, 1780, resident of Alameda married to Manuela Estefana Truxillo, Alameda.

Getrudis Zena, June 5, 1780, widow, 90 years old from Alameda.

Joseph Aquino Pio, parvulo, October 8, 1780, 3 months old, son of Francisco Armijo and Catalina Martinez, coyotes.

Phelope Varela, October 9, 1780, married from Bernalillo.

Blas Garcia, November 17, 1780, married to Antonia Gongora, vecinos of Alameda, buried on the 18th at Sandia Church.

Maria Josefa de los Dolores, November 1, 1780, married to Miguel Tenorio from Alameda. (750)

Andrea Quiteria Garcia de Noriega, December 1, 1780, married to Toribio Chavez, buried on the 2nd at Sandia Church from Alameda.

Manuela Contreras, December 7, 1780, widow.

Diego Torres, December 15, 1780, 8 years old, son of Manuel Torres, vecinos of Alameda.  (751)

Francisco Cordoba, December 15, 1780, married to Maria Zedillo, vecinos of Alameda, buried on the 17th.

Joseph Garcia de Noriega, December 22, 1780, vecinos of Alameda, 70 years old, married to Ana de Luna, buried on the 23rd in the church.

Joseph Salazar, December 22, 1780, single, son of Cristobal Salazar, vecinos of Alameda, buried the 23rd at the church.

Juan Domingo Gomez, December 24, 1780, vecino of Bernalillo, married to Rosa Muñis, buried on the 25th.

References:  AASF Sandia Burials, Roll #36 

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