Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jemez Burials, 1770-1771

These burials from Jemez Mission hopefully will have Montoya records I'm looking for.  Unfortunately, I didn't find any other records that might be of help to anyone either.  They are beautiful to look at especially at the beginning.  The scribe or priest drew some lovely trees and his calligraphy is magnificent.  

On August 6, 1770, Joseph Miguel Lucero, vecino of Nacimiento.

On August 25, 1770, Marta Salazar, wife of Juan Ygnacio Romero, vecino of Nacimiento. (90)  This Juan Ygnacio Romero might possibly be the son of Jose Romero and Manuela Luna, need to check into this further.

On December 20, 1770, Francisca Martin wife of Salvador Vegil, vecinos of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, española. (91)  This couple married in Santa Cruz de la Cañada on June 2, 1751.

 On February 22, 1771, Antonio Romero, died, vecino of Nacimiento, margin says he was married to Antonia Cerda.  She died at San Juan de los Caballeros on June 23, 1781.

On March 10, 1771, Manuela de Luna, wife of Joseph Romero in margin. He is the son of Baltasar Romero and Francisca Gongora, more than likely related to the above Juan Ygnacio Romero who would be his nephew.

On April 26, 1771, Francisco Giron died, margin notes he was married to Juana Aragon. (92)  Francisco was born in May 1732 at Santa Cruz de la Cañada to Vicente Gabriel Jiron and Lugarda Salazar. 

Reference:  AASF Roll #36, Frames 2-97

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