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1785 Pojoaque Burials January - May

On March 30, 1785, Luissa, widow, Indian of the pueblo.

On April 3, 1785, Maria Guadalupe Cordova was buried, married to Juan Antonio Mirabal, resident of Rio Tesuque.  (312)

On April 5, 1785, Jose Agustin was buried, parvulo, of the pueblo and son of Juan Jose and Maria Antonia.

On April 10, 1785, Maria Rosa Atencio was buried, married to Francisco Tenorio, residents of this jurisdiction.

On April 11, 1785, Fernando was buried, adult Indian from the pueblo of Tesuque, widower of Rosalia.

On April 11, 1785, Juan Jose was buried, parvulo, español, son of Juan Esteban Gomez nee Castillo and Maria Matheana Sanchez, residents of this jurisdiction.

On April 12, 1785, Josefa Encarnacion was buried, parvula, española, daugther of Francisco Tenorio and Maria Rosa Atencio, deceased.

On April 15, 1785, Juan Antonio Mirabal was buried, resident of Rio de Tesuque, married to Maria Guadalupe Cordova, deceased.

On April 15, 1785, Jose Ramon, parvulo, resident of Rio Tesuque, son of Juan Apodaca and Margarita Gimenez.

On April 17, 1785, A Comanche Indian of about 10 years old, criado of Marcos Lucero, did not receive the sacraments.  (313)

On April 18, 1785, Juana Martin was buried, Indian, single adult, criada of Vicente Gimenez at Rio de Tesuque.

On April 20, 1785, Gertrudis was buried, adult Indian, criada of Nicolasa Trujillo, widow.

On April 21, 1785, Ramon Antonio was buried, resident, parvulo son of Juan Xptobal Archuleta and Josefa Gallego.

On April 23, 1785, Felix was buried, parvulo, resident of Rio de Tesuque, son of Jose Antonio Esquivel and Sebastiana.

On May 5, 1785, Francisco was buried, Indian of the Pueblo of Tesuque, married with Maria de la Lus.

On May 20, 1785, Maria Rita, parvula, daughter of unknown parents.

On May 27, 1785, Xptobal Trujillo, resident from here, married to Lugarda Gomez del Castillo.  (314)

On May 29, 1785, Maria Lugarda Gomez del Castillo, resident from this jurisdiction, was married to Xptoval Trujillo already deceased.

On May 15, 1785, Juan Manuel Mestas, resident of this jurisdiction, married to Manuela Griego. (315)

References:  AASF Reel #37 

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