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Pojoaque Burials 1783

On February 4, 1783, Maria de la Concepcion, Indian, married to Lazaro, also an Indian. (308-28)

On the same day, month and year, Maria Antonio de Jesus, parbula, from the Pueblo, daughter of Juan and Juana, Indians of this Pueblo.

On February 9, 1783, Francisco Casado with Gertrudis, Indians of this Pueblo.

On March 6, 1783, Jose married to Ysabel, from the Pueblo.

On May 16, 1783, Antonio, widower Indian from Nambe.

On August 4, 1783, illegible. (309-29)

On August 15, 1783, Bernardo was buried, parbulo, and child of Juana Veitia, from Rio Tesuque.

On August 13, 1783, Barbara Duran was buried, married to Jose Gavila.

On August 16, 1783, Domingo de Jesus, from Rio Tesuque and this jurisdiction, son of Jose Maria Peña and Maria Barbara Duran.

On October 11, 1783, Francisco, married to Juana, naturales of the Pueblo.

On said day, month and year, Jose Migel was buried, parvulo, natural of this Pueblo.  (309-30)

On October 26, 1783, a small child whom I placed the holy waters on because of necessity, daughter of Francisco Migel Truxillo and Maria Barbara Ruiz, residents of this jurisdiction. (310-31)

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque Burials

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