Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Laureno Estrada - Variadero

Jose Laureno Estrada is my 3rd great-grandfather.  His headstone is at a small place called Variadero, New Mexico.  Some folks like to call this Garita also, I'm never sure what separate the two of them, but barb wire fence.

The headstone reads,

The First Settler of Variadero
Jose Laureno Estrada murio 
el dia 9 de Marzo 1898 
at the age of 65.

His wife Filomena Magdalena Madril is buried next to him.

Laureno was born in 1836 at Los Valles de San Agustin, on the Gallinas River.  He also homestead out in the Variadero area.  He and Filomena had 14 known children, one of which was my Grandma.  Oral history tells us that he died from pneumonia at Los Valles and they brought him to Variadero to bury him.

References:  Personal Photos and genealogy research. 

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