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February 20 - 25, 1781, Burials at Pojoaque

The continuation of these burials is very interesting and different than the ones from Santa Fe, which isn't very far in distance.  The small pox or flu was devastating the population and the priests labored to keep up with the burials.

On Feburary 20, 1781, I buried the following.  First, Simon, single, collote, criado of Juan Manuel Mestas.
-Second, Antonio Jose, parbulo, son of Diego Duran and Maria Tomaza Martin, españoles and residents of this mission of Pojaoque.
-Third, Maria Luzia, parbula, daughter of Calletena Telles and unknown father, known españla and resident of Trampas in the jurisdiction of Picuris.
- Fourth, Maria Rita, parbula, daughter of Joachin Taji, widower and Indians of this Pueblo.
- Fifth, Juan Jose, Indian, single, criado, of Pedro Trugillo. (302-22)

On February 21, 1781,buried the following four.  First, Jose Rafael, parbulo, son of Joachin Jaji, widower and Indian of this Pueblo.
Second, Margarita, seven years old, doctrinera, daughter of Joachin Chente and Catarina Nante, children of the Pueblo.
Third, Maria Rosalia, Indian, criada in the house of Juan Manuel Mestas.
Fourth, Jose Sebastian, parbulo, son of Juan Antonio Marga and Gertrudis Cano, from the Pueblo.

On February 22, 1781, I buried two people, the first was Nicolas Cane, married to Maria Antonia Pugnashague.
The second, was Maria Antonia, Indian of the Comanche Nation, criada of Cristobal Trugillo, she did not receive any sacraments as she was very ill from the small pox.  She lingered for four days in bed before she died. (303-23)

Ypolito, doctrinero, son of this Pueblo of Pojoaque, and of Maria Regina and of unknown father, from the Pueblo.

On February 23, 1781, First, Maria Rosa, doncella, daughter of Ysidro Antonio Jilomeno and Juana Lujan, españoles and residents of this mission of Pojoaque. 

Second, Tomaz Cantor, single, doctrinero, son of Antonio Affue and Maria Chifi (deceased), from the Pueblo.

Third, Jose Aban, nine years old, doctrinero, son of Joachin Jaji, widower, from the Pueblo.

On February 24, 1781, First, Juan de Jesus, parbulo, son of Juan Luiz Romero (deceased and Antonia Teresa Cortez.

Second, maria Faustina, parbula, daughter of Jose Manuel Vegil and Maria Antonia Romero, residents of this Pueblo of Pojoaque. (304-24)

Third, Juan Antonio Mueque, widower, son of the Pueblo of Pojoaque.

Lastly, Maria Candelaria, parbula, daughter of Ysidro Antonio Filomeno and Juana Lujan, residents of this mission of Pojoaque.

On February 25, 1781, Jose Manuel, parbulo, son of Antonio Attue, widower.

Second, Juan Antonio, doctrinero, son of Juan Antonio Paningue (deceased) and Maria Rosa Trugillo, from the Pueblo.

Third, Anna Maria, doncella, daughter of Ysidro Antonio Filomeno and Juana Lujan, residents of this jurisdiction and of said Pueblo.

 Fourth, Maria, doctrinera, parbula, daughter of Eusebio Cinue and of Nicolaza Muzga (deceased), from the Pueblo.

Fifth, Maria Dominga, parbula, daughter of Juan Antonio Murga and Maria Gertrudis Cano, all children of the Pueblo. (305-25)

doctrinero(a) - means Franciscans ministering to non-Christians were often called “doctrineros,” meaning they were teachers of Christian doctrine.

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque Burials

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