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Manuel Romero and Paula Valdez, more children

This first record is the one indication that Manuel Ricardo Maria Romero uses the Marquez name as signified in this baptism.  Although he doesn't use it often, just twice so far, it makes one wonder why?

Baptized on April 24, 1806, age 3 days, Jesus Maria, son of Manuel Romero or Marquez and Maria Paubla Baldes, godparents were:  Francisco Trugillo and Maria Lugarda Romero. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:83] Lugarda Romero is the daughter of Matias Romero and Maria Manuela Roybal.  Our first tie into the Romero line of this area.

Baptized on November 15,  1808, age 5 days; Jose Maria, son of Manuel Romero and Paula Baldes, godparents:  Josef Antonio Martin and Juana Aragon. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:86]

Baptized on May 15, 1814, age 3 days; Maria de Altagracia, daughter of Manuel Romero and Maria Paula Baldes, godparents:  Juan de Jesus Baldes and Maria Barvara Armigo. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:93]

At the mission of San Ildefonso, I baptized on  April 14, 1816, Maria Bacilia, age 8 days; daughter of Manuel Romero and Maria Paula Baldes, godparents:  Josef Ygnacio Montoya and Josefa Corduba, residents of La Cañada. [AASF, Pojoaque, 8:97]

So did his mother pass away and on her deathbed let him know who his father was?  One naming pattern for the Romero's is Juana Maria, there appear to be at least three of them in the Jose Romero and Nicolasa Trujillo line. 

References:  AASF, Nambe, Pojoaque films.

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